5 Reasons Why KonoSuba Is Worth Watching

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! is a light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki. The light novel has 17 published volumes for its main story. It received an anime adaptation from Studio Deen and Drive for its first two and third seasons respectively. The anime premiered in 2016 and is still ongoing. So, let’s see why KonoSuba is worth watching.

What is the story of this series?

Kazuma Satou, a high school student, and hermit find himself in front of Aqua, a gorgeous but annoying goddess, after dying a ridiculous and pitiful death on his way back after purchasing a game. She gives the NEET two choices: go to heaven or reincarnate in the fantasy realm of every gamer’s dreams. 

After deciding to start over, Kazuma is soon given the assignment of putting an end to a Demon King who is terrorizing villages. The future hero chooses Aqua as his one item of any kind to help him on his journey before leaving. However, Kazuma soon realizes that he has made a terrible error because Aqua turns out to be absolutely useless.

5 Reasons Why KonoSuba Is Worth Watching

1. It is an isekai story about a regular guy.

Unlike most other isekai protagonists who come to a new world with extraordinary powers, the protagonist of KonoSuba is just as ordinary in this new world as he was in his original one. He must work as a regular person to earn his livelihood. This appeals to a large fan base as they find the character relatable while also enjoying the isekai trope.

2. It has excellent humor

KonoSuba is a comedy series and it definitely delivers. While most of the humor is based on Japanese wordplays, there is no denying the show’s comedy. With its goofy characters and silly plot, KonoSuba is an excellent comedy show for those who are looking for some good laughs.

3. It shows real-life issues even in isekai

One of the most basic issues for the protagonist in his new world is that he is poor. Being transmigrated was nothing like he had imagined. He comes to the new world only to find himself with completely empty pockets. As he tries to earn money, he realizes that issues like poverty, misery, and exploitation even exist here as well.

4. It is a harem story but in a good way

Like many other isekai stories, KonoSuba also develops a harem for its protagonist. Unlike many other isekai stories though, it does not do so in a forced or creepy way. The trope actually becomes enjoyable as the story progresses and does not become disturbing as in many other stories.

5. It has wacky characters

KonoSuba is filled with weird characters. The protagonist’s party causes him more problems than the problems they set out to solve. They are hilarious in a way that would make viewers laugh at the bad jokes. The protagonist, while not overpowering, is quite logical at times, and has to reign in his troublesome companions. Their dynamics are very enjoyable.

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