5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Throne Webtoon

Your Throne by SAM is a currently ongoing thriller manhwa series. This webtoon first came out in 2020 on the Naver Webtoon platform and became a quick hit. Your Throne is a very impressive mixture of psychological themes, fantasy, and mystery in a classic historical setting. This webtoon has received high ratings from fans on all platforms.

What is the story of this webtoon?

Lady Medea Solon has only one ambition in life: to marry Crown Prince Eros Orna Vasilios and become Princess of the Vasilios Empire. Medea’s grand plan, however, falls apart when the crown prince chooses the naive Psyche Callista as his fiancĂ©e instead of her. As a result, she decides to depose Psyche by any means necessary to secure her place on the throne.

However, not everything goes according to plan. Medea confronts Psyche and her ignorance of having unfathomable authority at the Temple’s Yearly Prayer. Medea falls into a seemingly bottomless fountain in an instant, unable to reach the surface. She prays to be the one to rule the empire, believing that God is responsible for her condition. A deity hears her complaints and gives her another chance by switching her body with Psyche.

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Your Throne Webtoon

1. It has a beautiful art style and color palette.

Your Throne has almost the typical beautifully detailed art style found in the webtoons of this genre. But what makes it unique is the beautiful use of colors in the art of this webtoon. The art of the story is very impressive and the colors are used in a manner to suit the tone of specific scenes and events in the story.

2. It has well-written characters.

Many webtoons work by giving extraordinary intelligence to their main characters, making them comedic, and overpowering them. But in many cases, this destroys the core personality of the protagonist of the story. Your Throne, on the other hand, has well-written characters, especially the protagonists, who can distinguish between their rights and wrongs and strive for self-development.

3. It does not have the typical ‘saintess’ and ‘villainess’ roles.

The story’s synopsis may suggest that Your Throne is just another ‘villainess looking for revenge story but is not. Instead, it has the ‘saintess’ and ‘villainess’ of the story learning about and getting to know each other. They start understanding each other’s positions and actions and start helping each other to fulfill their respective goals.

4. It is a female-centered story that does not revolve around romance.

The synopsis of the story may also suggest that it is about the two main female characters fighting over the prince of the story. But romance is a rather small part of the story as a whole. This is a rather fresh theme as the female characters are more worried about themselves and their lives rather than a potential romance.

5. Its protagonists are morally gray characters.

Your Throne does not have the typical heroes and villains. It features characters who are realistic – who act as people would in real life. While a person can be cruel to one person, they can be kind to another. While one can be naive in a particular situation, one can be clever and manipulative in another. Your Throne shows how people are shaped by the situations around them and how this affects their perception of others and vice versa.