[5 Ways] how to fix error adding funds in PSN wallet

In this post, we discuss how to fix error coming up while adding funds to the PSN wallet.

There are complaints from a lot of users that they fail to add funds to the PSN wallet balance and thus demand a fix. PSN provides multiple payment outlets to the user for making a purchase, and among them, wallet balance is one such payment method, which is usually similar to Steam Wallet. One can refill it with PayPal accounts, debit cards, credit cards, or gift cards. Also, they can utilize those funds for purchasing digital content mainly from the PlayStation Store. It is common to experience issues regarding the wallet balance, which can be fixed easily.

Ways to fix error adding funds in PSN wallet

ix error adding funds in PSN wallet

Unlock the account

The account can be locked when someone attempt for making several unsuccessful login attempts. For unlocking the account head over to settings and then for account management. Sign-in and security then manage sign-in methods and choose the option of forgot my password.

Valid payment method

The card might have been declined, not accepted, has expired, or there are some issues regarding the bank. Many reasons can result in this situation like insufficient balance or a frozen card. For adding distinctive payment methods head over to settings, then account management, and at last, payment methods. One can add payment methods through PayPal, credit or debit card, or PlayStation Store voucher.

Valid billing address

If some kind of special character has been used in any of such required fields then the system may fail to read it correctly and thus give an error message. Refrain from such character usage that isn’t letters like hyphens (-), asterisks (*), slashes ( / ), or apostrophes (‘) in the address, flat number, or name.

Card information

On the credit/ PlayStation/ debit card, just double-check all the numbers and make sure that information is correct comprising the 3-digit security code and the expiration date. If someone trying to top up the wallet for more compared to $200, then it won’t let do it.

Internet connection

If the card isn’t the issue, then the Wifi connection fails to be strong enough to for letting the transaction go through. It is better to reset the router and check the internet speed by unplugging it mainly from the power source for approx one minute.

PSN network servers

PSN on the line may be doing some work related to temporary maintenance, or they may have run into the issue. For such reasons, the servers will have unavailability temporarily. Not much thing can be done here apart from waiting a few hours and trying to fund the wallet again.


It can be concluded that issues with PSN wallet while adding funds are quite usual. One can get frustrated easily with such kinds of issues, but they are not hard enough. Above mentioned ways can aid to do with the error of adding funds