A Plague Tale Requiem Save Game File Location

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a horror-adventure game set in medieval Europe, during the era of Black Death. The player controls a young girl named Amicia, who must protect her younger brother, Hugo, from the deadly disease. The game is set in the year 1348, and follows the story of the two siblings as they attempt to escape from their home in France. The game has an engaging storyline with detail graphics. As this is a single-player story-mode game, you will have to save the in-game progress. Read further to know the  Plague Tale Requiem save game and config file location.

A Plague Tale Requiem: Where Are The Save Game Files Located ?

Here’s a guide that will help you locate the Save Game files of A Plague Tale: Requiem while playing on a PC.

Location 1

  • ¬†Go to This PC in your computer and open the C Drive.
  • Next Open the Users folder, followed by your username folder.
  • Inside look for the AppData folder and open it. If you do not find this folder there then click on the View option from the top and the select Show for Hidden Files. This will display the AppData folder.
  • Now open the Roaming folder and then look for the game folder.
  • Once you find a folder named Plague Tale: Requiem, open it and there you will find all the save game files in it.

Location 2

Well if your do not find anything in the above location, then there’s another location for the save files and config files in your PC.

  • Go to My Documents and then open the My games folder.
  • There you will find the Plague Tale: Reuiem game folder. Open if and there will be the required files.

These are the two possible locations to get the save game files in this game. Well to open those files manually, right click on the file and then select Open with Notepad. This article has been referred to from the YouTube video of AarohanTechSol.

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