Adult swim’s toonami anime list 2022 all confirmed adaptations

Adult swim's toonami anime list 2022

The anime series that are set to air in adult swim toonami in the year 2022:

SHENMUE : The series started its premiere in February of 2022.

ATTACK ON TITAN : Aired in the year May of 2014

ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM : Aired in August of the year 2020

MADE IN ABYSS : Aired in January of the year 2022

ONE PIECE : The series finally returned to adult swim and toonami in January of the year 2022. The series resumed its run with episode 517.

NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN : The series aired in January of the year 2014

COWBOY BEBOP : The series aired in May of 2012

UZUMAKI : The series is set to premiere in October of 2022.