All details about new piggy hunt Roblox game: release date, DLC codes, free or not

Designed by Minitoon and uploaded to the popular gaming platform of Roblox in January 2020, Piggy is one such massive hit, having gained more than 5 billion visits. We bet all the Roblox gamers must be aware of this game. This game has earned a great global fandom. This is because of the unique genre of this game. Yes! This game belongs to the horror category. There are about 10 chapters in the game with unique pig characters who are family members according to the game storyline that also features a zombie apocalypse.

Piggy Hunt Release Date- Coming soon on ‘Steam.’

To add more delight and surprise to the fans of Piggy Roblox, MiniToon is launching the Piggy Universe as Piggy Hunt on the Steam Platform. We bet this news is pretty interesting. However, it reported that the game is set to be launched on Steam is quite different from the original Piggy.

The Piggy Hunt will be a first-person perspective game. It is a survival-based game involving zombies. You will have to stay away from the infected. You will get to play different modes, including 1 vs. 1 online mode and a co-op mode that enables you to play along with your friends. It also comes with completely new and different exciting tasks. For your information, this game has a different developer named Oktagon Games. However, MinToon would be contributing to the storyline.

Is Piggy Hunt Free?

The game is listed as a paid one on steam. The only reason it is not free on the valve’s platform is because of its early access. Once it comes on mobile, it will be free for everyone. Due to some issues, DLC codes won’t be working in Piggy Roblox, but it will be working fine on Piggy: Hunt. This game has been planned to be released next month in September. However, there is no official confirmation on the specific release date.

So, for those who cannot play the new Piggy Hunt game on steam, do not worry, as this game will still be available on Roblox. For those who can play the games on Steam, get ready to hunt!