All Solo Leveling Anime Shadows Ranked [2023]

In today’s article, we will rank some of the strongest shadows of Sung Jin-Woo in the Manhwa series of Solo Leveling. So, make sure to read until the end as this is going to be an interesting article. Now, without wasting even a moment of your precious time, let’s proceed with this article.

1. Bellion

Solo Leveling shadows

Bellion who is the sole holder of the rank of Grand Marshal is the most powerful shadow in Jin-Woo’s army! Previously, he served Ashborn as a leading figure in his army. However, after Sung Jin-Woo succeded Ashborn and inherited the title of Shadow Monarch, the whole army of Ashborn including Bellion accepted Jin-Woo as their master! Beru who is a Marshal ranked shadow in Jin-Woo’s army was no match for Bellion when he fought him. This shows us just how powerful Bellion really is!

2. Beru

Beru is the Marshal ranked and the second most powerful shadow in Jin-Woo’s arsenal. Jinwoo obtained Beru during the “Jeju Island Arc” In this arc he was revealed as the final boss and defeated all of the S-Class Hunnters by himself. He did so without putting much effort. These same Hunters proclaimed that Beru is impossible to beat!

However, this was only until Jin-Woo’s grand entry. Jin-Woo single-handedly defeats Beru and then revives him as a soldier in his Shadow Army. Beru has proved his loyalty by assisting Jinwoo not only with wars but also in his daily life!

3. Kamish

Kamish is an insanely powerful magical beast who was the boss of the first S-Rank gate. This dragon is so powerful that even the likes of Thomas Andre couldn’t defeat it easily! In this arc, the United States Of America tries to make Jinwoo join its ranks as a hunter. However, Jinwoo also made a request that was to see Kamish who was stored in an underground facility.

He uses his shadow extraction technique on the corpse of Kamish and revives it from the dead. However, it was so strong that it could move without any kind of restraint and ended up almost killing humans in its vicinity! He talks with Jinwoo and accepts him as his master. However, sadly he couldn’t be permanently brought back to the world of living because he already died a long time ago. Only for a brief moment of time does he appear and show how powerful he really is! That is a Marshal rank shadow for you!

4. Igris

Igris is one of the oldest shadows in Jinwoo’s arsenal. Long before he knew about the origins of his power, Jinwoo entered a high-level dungeon and faced off against the Red Knight Igris. In this fight, he almost ends up dying because of Igris’s overwhelming power. That wasn’t the only problem as there were lots of other foes for Jinwoo to face off against, all while fighting Igris simultaneously.

Necromancers also kept on summoning to make things even harder for an exhausted Jinwoo. However, Jinwoo prevails and makes Igris one of the members of his soon-to-be shadow army.

5. Tusk

Tusk originally was the boss or leader of the High Orcs before ultimately losing to Jinwoo and becoming a part of his army. During a dungeon raided by an A-Rank hunter, various High Orcs appear before them to slaughter them mercilessly. They end up facing Tusk known as Kargalgan at the time, who was also the leader of all these High Orcs. When the party led by the A-Rank hunter saw the overwhelmingly obvious difference between their powers, they decided to concede.

The situation was intense and unfavorable for the hunters until the arrival of Jinwoo. Right after arriving at the scene he defeats all of the High Orcs with the help of his shadows and beats up Tusk. He then goes on to make him a part of his army. Right now, Tusk is the most powerful magician in Jinwoo’s army and holds the rank of commander.

6. Greed 

Hwang Dong-Soo who is originally a powerful S-Rank hunter from the Scavenger guild goes on to become the Greed in Jinwoo’s army. He hated Jinwoo based on a hunch that he killed his beloved brother. He soon comes to a realization about the difference between their strength and how powerful Jinwoo really is. However, he still doesn’t give up and uses a roundabout method of killing Jinwoo using world-renowned Hunter Thomas Andre.

When even this plan of his fails he then proceeds to face him head-on and gets thrashed by Jinwoo mercilessly. Jinwoo goes on to extract his shadow and names him Greed, making him a part of his shadow army.

7. Iron 

Solo Leveling

During the Ice Bear Saga Jinwoo gained his two important shadows by completely overpowering both of them yet again like always! A Red Gate opens up taking inside it Jinwoo’s party alongside Iron’s who was at the time just a measly A-Rank Hunter. Then the leaders of both parties decide their objectives and head out to different locations. Iron didn’t take anyone lower than a C-Rank and decided to raid and clear the dungeon.

However, things didn’t go according to the plan at all for Iron’s party. As a result, Iron’s group was in tatters! On the other hand, Jinwoo’s party was enjoying their time in this supposedly dangerous dungeon! After witnessing Jinwoo enjoying, Iron goes on to attack him and eventually gets killed by Igris. Jinwoo decides to revive him by extracting his shadow! Which officially makes him a part of Jinwoo’s shadow soldiers.

8. Jima 

Solo Leveling

Jinwoo encountered this magical creature during a raid in which the Ahjin Guild also participated. Jima resembled a Sea Serpent because of his enormous size and his Trident. Initially, not even a single soul was able to subdue this beast. However, this was only until Jinwoo arrived at the location.

After arriving he quickly takes care of this beast and gives him the name Jima after reviving him with his shadow extraction technique. Jima possesses the Size Manipulation ability and is of Elite Knight rank in Jinwoo’s shadow army!

9. Kaisel 

Solo Leveling

Whilst leveling up in the demon territory Jinwoo encounters a Wyvern whom he later names Kaisel! While training in the demon territory for some odd reason Jinwoo wasn’t able to use his shadow extraction technique on the demons he killed. However, he still proceeds and eventually fights and defeats the Demon King Baran. At that time Kysellin was Baran’s ride and fought alongside him.

Iron takes care of Kysellin and Jinwoo revives him and bestows upon him the name of Kaisel. His strength is not very impressive but that is not the case with his flying ability and senses. His flight and senses alone are so good that they put him above the rest of the shadow soldiers. And because of these abilities, he is Jinwoo’s personal ride too.

10. Tank 

Solo Leveling

Tank is the name of the Ice Bear who was introduced to fans when Jinwoo entered the dungeon of the Red Gate. Jinwoo after investigating the Dungeon found out about the existence of Ice Bears and Ice Elves in this Dungeon. This was a golden chance for leveling up which Jinwoo wouldn’t obviously let go of. He ventures out into the wild to face off against some enemies to level up even further.

There he found hoards of Ice Bears. However, it took him no time to defeat all of these Bears including their boss. He goes on to extract the Ice Bears leader’s shadow to make him a part of his army because of his high attacking potency. He names him Tank thus officially welcoming him in his army!

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