Anime Fighting Simulator New 1 million chikaras codes September 2021

Developed by BlockZone, created on October 4th, 2019, and with a very recent update on 27th August 2021, Anime Fighting Simulator is one of the most popular action-packed and adventurous games on Roblox, having hit more than one billion visits and more than twenty million favorites. The game has gained such a huge global fandom because of the game’s chief characteristic, which is featuring multiple characters from different anime shows. All you need to do is to choose your favorite anime character as your in-game character and train him, boost the power levels, getting him to battle different enemies. Your primary goal is to make your character the strongest in the game. You will get to pick up and fight with different weapons and unlock a variety of superpowers. You will have to battle powerful bosses at different levels after completing different quests.

 Anime Fighting Simulator chikaras codes September 2021

Speaking of the in-game rewards and currencies, we have yen and chikara. You can use Yen to upgrade your stats and class. Yens can be obtained after completing the quests.  You can use chikara to unlock most of the in-game specials such a special fruit, bloodlines, weapons, powers, and much more!

Here we have provided you with a list of working codes for Anime Fighting Simulator.  Check them out!

  1. emperadorstar – Use this code to redeem 5 thousand chikaras.
  2. 1billionvisits! – Use this code to redeem  75 thousand chikaras.
  3. 2millionsingroup! – Use this code to redeem 30 thousand chikaras.
  4. sub2defildplays – Use this code to redeem 1500 chikaras.
  5. emperdadorwapo – Use this code to redeem 1500 chikaras.
  6. 300ksubstigretv – Use this code to redeem 3000 chikaras.
  7.  frangoyt1m – A brand new code that can get chikaras.

Note that we have excluded all the expired codes and have provided you with the best working codes. It is noticeable that a new YouTuber has gained about 1 million chikaras using these codes. Pretty cool, right? We will keep you updated with the working codes and new codes for Anime Fighting Simulator. What are you waiting for? Just enter the codes and redeem as many as chikaras that would greatly benefit you in the game.