What is Best Fuse Combo to get Golden Hound of Shades in Pet Simulator X

The BIG Games Studio has launched the Pet Simulator X  update 3 on 25th, August 2021 with brand new fascinating features such as the addition of Hell Island, 10 new pets including a mythical one, two new game passes namely the auto hatch pass and the lucky pass, a new rank, ban on dupes, and auto-delete indicators. The fans are in frenzy over the new update.

What is best fuse combo to get the Golden Hounds of Shades

Hatching Hellish Eggs

The most exciting feature of every update of Pet Simulator X is the addition of new pets. With the Hell portal having been added to this update, there are a variety of new hellish pets. In order to obtain these hellish pets, you have to purchase the eggs meant for the Hell island portal. According to this update, the special pet to aim for is the golden hound of shades. If we need this pet, we have to purchase the golden eggs meant for the egg island portal. It is highly recommended to purchase the brand new passes – Auto Hatching Pass and Lucky Pass that would enable you to hatch the eggs in an instant manner and boost your perks and rewards respectively. Buy as many golden eggs and hatch as many hellish pets as possible.

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Fusing Combos for Golden Hounds of Shades

After hatching and acquiring as many hellish golden pets, all you need to do is to go a fusing machine. You can choose any area but prefer beach and desert areas. Here is the list of the 6 best fusing combos available to get the new golden hound of shades.

  • Fusing Combo #1: Fuse a combo of 8 Golden Hellhounds ( golden dogs)
  • Fusing Combo #2: Fuse a combo of 9 Golden Hellhounds
  • Fusing Combo #3: 10 Golden Hell Rocks + 2 Rainbow Willow Wisps
  • Fusing Combo #4: 10 Golden Hell Chicks + 2 Rainbow Willow Wisps
  • Fusing Combo #5: 10 Golden Hell Rocks + 2 Golden Hell Chicks
  • Fusing Combo #6: Fuse a combo of 12 Golden Hell Rocks

You can get the golden Hound of shades using all these 6 best fusing combo methods. We hope you get it! What are you waiting for? Go! Give a try for all these 6 different combos!