Best fusing combo method to get Golden Cyber Fox in Pet Simulator X

The Pet Simulator X game is earning fame all over the world. It is urged that Pet Simulator X was made with love by “Preston.” This game is a Roblox game, and developed by BIG Games Simulators. In this game, players move around the map to earn coins and different assets. Players can collect and trade many pets in this game. In this game, you will find many hidden eggs which you have to search and hatch it go get adorable cats, dogs and even dangerous dragons and unicorns. You can even get pets with the help of diamonds and Robux. Moreover, you can get rare pets by playing various events available in the game and trying other luck events. 

Best fusing combo method to get Golden Cyber Fox in Pet Simulator X?

The Cyber Fox pet in Pet Simulator can be hatched from the Dark Tech Egg. First of all, you have to get the Dark Tech Egg that will be unlocked by unlocking the Tech City available in the Tech World in Pet Simulator X. It will cost you 115k Robux, and hatching the golden variant of the egg will cost 1.03m Robux. The Dark Tech Egg contains six pets named Cyber Fox, Robot, Happy Computer, Techno Cat, M-2 Prototype, M-6 Prototype. The Cyber Fox has a luck percentage of 97% and others respectively of 3%, 0.39% and the other two are very much rare. If you are lucky enough you will get The Cyber Fox out of The Dark Tech Egg. 

Fusing combo method to get Golden Cyber Fox in Pet Simulator X
Fusing Machine in Pet Simulator X

Moreover, the best fusing combo to get Golden Cyber Fox is: 1 golden empyrean stallion, 2 golden empyrean snakes, and 1 golden angel cat.

You can get the Golden Cyber Fox from the store” Fuse Pets” which is available near the beach. Reach out there and select six Cyber Fox and fuse them to get the Golden Cyber Fox. Selecting six Cyber Fox will increase your luck percentage to 100%. Each selection of Cyber Fox will have approx. 17% luck percentage. The base stats of Golden Cyber Fox is 6.4 to 6.5m. You can even fuse the Golden Cyber Fox with some other high Tech pets, to get some legendary pets.

Changes made in the Space update!

There are various major changes in the Space update. One of them is the pets will receive a visual refresh. They will appear brighter and will have unique lighting effects. The developers have changed all the graphics settings. There is also a change in the rank rewards. This time the rewards are way too good. It is easier now to get to maximum rank. Some of the players even have a 100’s boost saved up to increase their luck percentage.