Best Fusing Combo method to get Golden Techno Cat in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is known worldwide now. It is a game developed by BIG Games Simulators launched in Roblox and can be played on a live server. You will start your game with a Cat or Dog as a pet provided by the game algorithm. After choosing your pets you will have to collect coins, chests, and gems from breakables throughout the island. You can also buy new areas using fantasy coins where you can venture or purchase eggs. On purchasing eggs, you will receive new pets for trading and collection. You can even hatch new eggs available at different events. Here you will find about a rare pet called ” Golden Techno Cat.” If you want to know how to add this pet to your collection, read further. 

Best Fusing Combo method to get Golden Techno Cat?

Hey friends! Have you got the Golden Techno Cat? No? Don’t worry, we got you covered. To get the Golden Techno Cat, you first need to get the Dark Tech Egg which will cost you around 113k Robux. Now once you have hatched the Dark Tech Egg, you will get the Cyber Fox very easily. It’s available in Dark Tech Egg for 97%. So, once you get the Cyber Fox, your second step is to make it Golden Cyber Fox from the fuse store. Select six Cyber Fox from your pet collection to fuse them and make Golden Cyber Fox. Now you got your Golden Cyber Fox, and your next step is to make them Rainbow Cyber Fox. Move to the “Rainbow Pets” store in the right corner of the map in the VIP area. To access the VIP area, you need to unlock the area by reaching the max level. Once your pet is a Rainbow Cyber Fox, the final step is to go to the fuse store and select seven Rainbow Cyber Fox and fuse them to get the ultimate rare Golden Techno Cat.

Fusing combo method to get Golden Cyber Fox in Pet Simulator X
Fusing Machine in Pet Simulator X

What is Robux Hat?

First of all, this is a hat, so do not expect to get Robux. In both tier 5 and tier 4, it gives your pet an additional 400,000 levels.  It gives out a neon green sign, saying R$, and emits green glowing Robux particles. When the first update came, it used to have a 15% rarity. The chances of getting it now are 0.05% which is the same as old Ame Damnee. The base stats of the Robux Hat starts from 360,000 – 400,000. The rarity of Robux Hat changes, if you own both Luck Gamepass and Super Luck Gamepass.