Best Fusing Combo to get golden Empyrean fox in Pet Simulator X

In our previous blog, we have discussed the best fusing combo to get a golden empyrean stallion. We opted for the fusing method because it is nearly impossible for any player to buy and hatch the golden empyrean eggs every time that cost 3.15 billion to get the golden empyrean pets. If you want to hatch the mythical golden angelus, you can buy the golden eggs as many times after having purchased and activated the new mythical hunter pass and both the lucky passes. However, this is not necessary in the case of golden empyrean pets.

How to get a golden Empyrean fox in Pet Simulator X

How to get golden Empyrean foxWhen it comes to the golden empyrean pets, opt for the cheap and best fusing method, which is the best alternative to hatching the eggs. Why go for the expensive way, when you have the cheap and best methods in your hands. You can use the fusing method to get powerful golden epic empyrean pets, namely stallions, foxes, snakes, and so on. Here we have provided you with the best fusing combo method to get the golden empyrean fox. Make sure that you have the hellish pets from the hell update. So before that, also make sure that you have activated both the super lucky and ultra lucky passes. Go to the beach area and reach the fusing machine. Do the following fusing combo!

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Best Fusing Combo for Empyrean Fox

  • Choose a combo of 8 hellhounds and fuse them to get a normal empyrean fox with the stats 3.91 M.

Make it gold!

Now it is time to make it gold. All you need to do is to head towards the golden fusing machine. Convert your normal empyrean fox into a golden empyrean fox. This will also increase its stats.

We hope you get it! Do make use of this cheap and best fusing combo to get the golden empyrean fox without buying and hatching the eggs paying in billions, Give the above fusing combo a try! We bet you will find it beneficial.