Best Fusing Combo to get golden empyrean snake in Pet Simulator X

The Big games studio has released update 4 for Pet Simulator X, a.k.a the heaven update. You can unlock the new fantasy area of Heaven for 777 million. Heaven island comes with the biggest chests. Farming these chests will allow you to afford to buy the normal and golden heavenly eggs. The normal eggs cost 350 million, and the golden eggs cost 3.15 billion. You can buy the golden eggs as many times as possible till you succeed in hatching them to get the mythical angelus. This has to be done only after having activated the new mythical pass and the two lucky passes.

How to get the golden empyrean snake in Pet Simulator X

How to get golden empyrean snake

It is noticeable that each golden egg costs 3.15 billion, which is a whopping amount. So as an alternative method and the cheapest and best method, we can use the fusing combo method to obtain non-mythical pets, a.k.a golden epic empyrean pets such as stallions, foxes,etc and snakes. Here we have provided you with the best fusing combo to get the golden empyrean snake. Make sure that you have activated both the super lucky and ultra lucky passes. Purchase some normal heavenly eggs that cost 350 million and have in your hands – angelic pets such angel dogs, angel cats, and so on. Go to the beach area and reach the fusing machine.

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Best Fusing Combo to get the golden empyrean snake in Pet Simulator X

You need to fuse twice to get the empyrean snake.

  • Fuse a combo of normal heavenly pets like 5 angel dogs + 5 angel cats to get a rainbow skele.
  • Now choose and fuse 1 rainbow skele + 6 angel pets to get the new empyrean snake.

Make it gold!

Now, it is time to make it gold. All you need to do is to head towards the golden fusing machine. Convert the normal empyrean snake into a golden empyrean snake. This will also increase its stats to a greater extent.

We hope you get it! Do make use of this best fusing combo to get the golden empyrean snake without buying and hatching the eggs.  This is the cheapest and best fusing method worth giving it a try!