Best Fusing Combo To Get golden Empyrean Stallion in Pet Simulator X

With the Pet Simulator X being released, we can hatch, fuse, and trade many exciting pets, including the golden empyrean pets, legendary rainbow pets, and the mythical, legendary angelus.  The new Heaven island has the biggest chests compared to all the portals. After purchasing this fantasy area for 777 Million, we can afford the normal and golden heavenly empyrean eggs. The normal eggs cost 350 million, and the golden eggs cost 3.15 billion. If you want to hatch the mythical angelus, you must have activated the mythical hunter pass, and you need to keep buying the golden eggs until you get one. However, it is impossible for us to always buy and hatch the golden eggs as they cost too much. We have an alternative method to get the golden empyrean pets without purchasing the golden eggs. Still, wondering how?.

How to get a golden Empyrean Stallion in Pet Simulator X

How to get golden Empyrean Stallion

We can use the best fusing combos to fuse the normal pets, which we can hatch by purchasing the normal eggs. We can fuse the normal pets to get an empyrean pet, then convert it into a golden pet using the golden fusing machine. There are so many powerful golden epic empyrean pets, namely stallions, foxes, snakes, etc. Here we have provided you with the best fusing combo method to get a golden empyrean stallion. Before that, make sure that you have activated both the super lucky and ultra lucky passes. Go to the beach area and reach the fusing machine.

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Best Fusing Combo To Get golden Empyrean Stallion

  • Fuse 4 hell rocks + 4 Hell chicks. You will get an Empyrean stallion with stats of 3.58 M. ( Note: you may also get legendary peacocks in the first few attempts.)

Make it gold!

Now, all you need to do is to head towards the golden fusing machine. Convert the normal empyrean stallion into a golden empyrean stallion. This will also increase its stats. We hope you get it! Do make use of this best fusing combo to get the golden empyrean stallion without buying and hatching the eggs.  Give it a try!