Best fusing combo to get Golden legendary dragon in Pet Simulator X

With the BIG Games Studio having had released the Pet Simulator X update 4, a.k.a the Heaven update, the fans are frenzy over it. The game looks dope with new additions such as Heaven Island, heavenly eggs, heavenly Pets, mythical pets, mythical hunter pass, and pet collection machine. Update 4 has received a great reception from the players. The game features epic golden pets such as golden Empyrean Stallions, golden Empyrean foxes, golden Empyrean Snakes, and the legendary pet – Golden Empyrean Dragon. With the activation of mythical hunter pass, super lucky, and ultimate lucky passes, we can hatch the legendary mythical golden angelus from the golden heavenly egg. This is up to your fortune.

How to get the legendary golden empyrean dragon in Pet Simulator X

How to get Golden legendary dragonIn the previous blogs, we have discussed how to get golden empyrean stallion, fox, and snake. You can get the golden empyrean dragon by buying and hatching the 3.15 Billion worth of golden heavenly eggs. However, this is not possible every time. The cheap and best alternative way to get the empyrean dragon is to use is the fusing combo method. Here we have provided you with the best fusing combo to get the empyrean dragon. Before that, make sure that you have a minimum of 11 normal empyrean pets. Activate both of the super lucky and ultra lucky boost passes. Go to the beach area and reach the fusing machine.

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Best fusing combo to get Golden legendary dragon

  • Choose and fuse any 11 empyrean pets with combined stats about 36M+ together to get the empyrean dragon. If you are fortunate, you will get the golden empyrean dragon on your first go. However, this method is only 30 percent efficient.  Be not worried, you can still make it gold!

Make it gold!

Now, all you need to do is to head towards the golden fusing machine. Convert your normal empyrean dragon to a golden empyrean dragon.

There you go! We hope you get it! The fusing method is the best alternative to buying expensive eggs and hatching them. Give this fusing combo a try to get the golden legendary dragon.