Best Fuse Combo To Get Rainbow Legendary Dragon in Roblox Pet Simulator X

We are all familiar with the awesome Pet Simulator X which has its update 4 – Heaven update on the way. In the previous blogs, we have seen the exciting features of the game focusing on the variety of pets, the game comes up with. The game has ordinary pets and golden pets that can be hatched depending on eggs available for the different portals in the game.  For instance, purchasing golden eggs makes you hatch golden pets. When it comes to the portals, if you hatch the eggs available for Samurai Island Portal, you get to hatch Samurai pets and if you hatch eggs available for Hell Island, you get to hatch Hellish pets. This is how the hatching of the pets works in the game depending on each portal and type of eggs. Another main feature of the game related to pets is the fusing technique. Fusing is nothing but the emerging combo of particular or a variety of pets to get different pets which are usually special and powerful. Golden and rainbow legendary pets can be obtained by these fusing combo techniques.

Roblox Pet Simulator X Update 2 & 3 Highlights

In the Pet Simulator X updates 2 & 3, Preston provided us with so many fascinating additions such as brand new pets, mythical pets, new islands and new game passes. We got the candy island and haunted island in update 2 and the hell island in update 3, along with heaven island on the way in update 4. We witnessed the two powerful mythical pets – The phantom wolf in update 2 and the Wyvern of Shades in update 3. We got to access new game passes namely the Auto Hatch pass and the Ultimate Boost pass which are highly beneficial. It is reported that we will get to witness a brand new mythical pass named mythical hunter in the upcoming update. In our previous blog, we discussed how to fuse rainbow agony, the golden legendary hound of shades, and the rainbow legendary hound of shades. Just like these, we have the best fuse combo for rainbow legendary dragon pet.

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Best Fuse Combo To Get Rainbow Legendary Dragon

Getting a rainbow legendary dragon pet is not at all a difficult task. All you need to have are the golden pets that are hatched from the Samurai Island golden eggs. Here we have provided you with the best fusing method to get the rainbow legendary:

  • Fuse a combo of 12 Golden Red Pandas

The above is the only best method that gives you the rainbow samurai legendary pets frequently. Note that you may get green cobras, goblins, and rainbow pandas as well. We hope you get it! Give this method a try and repeat it multiple times to get many rainbow samurai legendary pets.