Best IMDb Rated Episode Of Top 10 Anime [2023]

Everyone loves to watch their favorite episode of that particular anime on repeat. Fans never get fed up with a fantastic anime episode. Many episodes make fans go crazy over them. Today, we will see a list of the best IMDb-rated episodes of the top 10 anime. Make sure to read until the end. So, let’s start without any further delay!

1. Attack On Titan Season – Midnight Sun (9.9/10)

The deadly battle of Shiganshina finally arrives at a conclusion but at what cost? Almost all of the scouts were wiped out in the bombardment by the Beast Titan. Armin and Erwin also met their sorrowful and untimely demise. Both Levi and the remaining scouts who barely made it out alive are disheartened.

However, just when everything seemed lost Eren saw Armin’s charred body breathing again! The glimpse of hope of saving his dearest friend made Eren desperate along with Mikasa when she stumbled upon that horrible sight. Captain Levi was asked by both Eren and Mikasa to use the Titan syringe on Armin as soon as possible to save him. Levi also intended to do so but right then Flock with Erwin’s body arrived.

Erwin is also still breathing! The situation has taken a drastic turn! Levi is in a pickle as to whom to save. However, he already seems to have arrived at an answer! Watch episode 18 of Attack On Titan’s season 3 to find out more.

2. Vinland Saga – End Of The Prologue (9.9/10)

With this episode season 1 of Vinland Saga concluded. And it must be said that it is quite a unique way to end a season! If said more clearly then this episode 24 of Vinland Saga ends its first season with a big cliffhanger! In this episode, we saw the Askeladd losing it and fighting with the king of England himself upon hearing the sudden news about his homeland, Wales!

The furious Askeladd chops off the king’s head and then goes on to fight everybody there. He eventually died there at the hands of Canute himself whom he was protecting along with Wales! Thorfinn was deeply shaken and shocked by what just happened in front of his eyes. He just couldn’t bring himself to believe that Askeladd was killed by someone other than him at the time.

Season one ended with this episode leaving fans with a mountain of questions like, Is Askeladd still alive? What happened to Thorfinn after Askeladd died? What happened to Canute? Did he succeed the throne left behind by his father’s sudden death or not?

Fans were riddled by all of these questions until season 2 of Vinland Saga started premiering. In season 2 many of these questions were answered thoroughly. This episode truly deserves a place in one of the best IMDb-rated episodes of the top 10 anime

3. Code Geass – Re; (9.9/10)


Code Geass’s episode 25 of season 2 was simply a masterpiece. There was no better way to end a series other than this. The main character Lelouch Vi Brittania sacrificed himself while playing the bad guy making everyone he cared about hate him. This ending was definitely not a very happy one.

However, fans loved every bit of this show and they still to this day appreciate it! This shows us how good of a series this was. That is also why this masterpiece of an ending has secured a number 3 spot on our list of top 10 anime episodes.

4. One Piece – Settling the Score – Whitebeard vs. The Blackbeard Pirates (9.8/10)

best rated episodes of top 10 anime

Blackbeard pirates’ arrival at Marineford changed the war’s direction itself! Blackbeard or Marshall D. Teach declared upon arriving that he will be killing Whitebeard to take something special from him that will shock the world. The item that he took by somehow killing Whitebeard while barely escaping death from his hands was none other than the Tremor-Tremor devil fruit of Whitebeard. After cowardly killing Whitebeard and taking his devil fruit, Blackbeard really earned the hate of the humongous fanbase of One Piece.

This episode sent a chill down the spine of the viewers and is still hailed as one of the best anime episodes ever made! Episode number 485 will always be one of the most episode moments engraved in fans’ memory!

5. Naruto Shippuden – The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant (9.7/10)

best rated episodes of top 10 anime

This episode is perhaps the most emotional one for Naruto fans. Our favorite “Pervy Sage” or Jiraiya arrived at the Village hidden by Rain. Upon successfully infiltrating this village without anyone noticing he starts his investigation. After some time his identity gets discovered by the Village’s head known as Pain.

Jiraiya then goes on to fight Pain who is the rumored leader of the terrorist organisation Akatsuki personally. Jiraiya in between his fight with Pain discovers that this Pain is none other than one of his students whom he tutored in the distant past! Pervy Sage fought and defeated a total of 3 paths of pain which was extremely impressive. However, odds turned quickly against him as he comes to know Pain’ true ability!

Having lost an arm and also being mortally injured, Jiraiya was already fighting a losing battle. He then decides that he will uncover the truth no matter what and won’t ever give up! The result of the fight was incomprehensibly sorrowful! This episode truly made the fanbase cry. However, to this day it keeps being one of the best-rated anime episodes in the history of anime!

6. Bleach – Ichigo Dies! Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow! (9.4/10)

best rated episodes of top 10 anime

In episode 6 of season 14 of the anime series Bleach, its protagonist who was loved by everyone died! Yes, this statement is completely true as Ichigo Kurosaki the protagonist of the show reached his end of the road or simply was killed by his opponent at the time named Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra overpowered him just through his sheer strength! He also blew a hole in his chest in front of Orihime.

Both Orihime and Ishida felt despair and Orihime even started calling out for the dead Ichigo to help him. Ichigo suddenly arises from the dead looking like a Hollow standing in Ulquiorra’s way. He managed to defeat or it would be more suited to say completely destroyed him with much ease! This showed us for the first time how much potential Ichigo exactly has and how powerful he can become in the near future!

7. One Punch Man – The Strongest Hero (9.4/10)

Saitama takes on Boros, an intergalactic warlord all by himself while other S-class heroes were busy defeating other aliens. He was in the initial stages of the fight and was getting roughed up! However, as the fight went on he began to take this fight a little bit more seriously. When Boros used his planetary level attack then our beloved Caped Baldy was left with no other choice than to take him up on this offer and deliver something with even more impact.

Saitama instantly obliterated both Boros and his ship with a single move called “Serious Punch.”  This showed us all that when Saitama makes a serious expression then the fight’s going to be over in a flash!

8. Jujutsu Kaisen – Hidden Inventory 3 (9.7/10)

When Gojo and the gang were finally inside Jujutsu High’s barrier and felt safe, they were attacked by Toji Fushiguro right at that moment. That was the one-moment Toji was planning for this entire time. His plan was to wear Gojo Satoru, the Six Eyes holder down and then finish him off. Toji regardless of the result was successful in pulling his sneak attack against Gojo.

Then a fight between the two took place in which Toji came out as the victor. He single-handedly killed Gojo Satoru and completed his mission by assassinating the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai. This episode really had its viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. Currently, Jujutsu Kaise’s season 2 is airing and 5 of its episode covering Hidden Inventory/Premature Death arcs have already been released. Make sure to watch this anime. We are sure you won’t regret it!

9. My Hero Academia – One For All (9.8/10)

In this episode, All Might use up the last of his strength to defeat the All For One and bring an end to the suffering that AFO brought on innocent citizens! AFO, although wasn’t such an easy opponent to defeat. However, even he struggled a lot and was eventually defeated by All Might! But the drawbacks were severe for All Might as he had to permanently retire from his job of being a hero.

With the face of justice gone, the evil of the society began rampaging and the responsibility of being a great hero burdened Izuku Midoriya even further. Watch this series to find out more!

10. Demon Slayer – I Will Never Give Up (9.8/10)

best rated episodes of top 10 anime

After being brutally defeated, it seemed like all hope is lost against the Upper Moon 6 duo but there was still a faint hope! This hope is none other than the show’s protagonist Tanjiro Kamado. He was bullied and humiliated by Gyutaro and it seemed like he was on the verge of breaking. But right at that point, he broke past all our speculations with a headbutt.

Yes, he was planning all along to defeat Gyutaro as he would rather die than give up against the hateful demons. He surprised everyone with his bravery and created a once-in-a-million chance! Somehow, with the help of Tengen, he was able to cut off Gyutaro’s head. This showed us once again how brave Tanjiro can really be. This episode will get your adrenaline rushing throughout your body. So, try this series out and see it for yourself!

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