Best PS Now settings for maximum experience

best PS Now settings

PlayStation Now is often known as PS Now, and over the past few years, it has grown in a wide range and has even improved its quality. This platform is available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and you can get access to over 700+ games. Also, there is no doubt that PlayStation Now has improved its optimization, and players have got the results. Even though some players face issues with gameplay experience from PS Now, do not worry. This article will discuss and tell you the best PS Now settings that will give maximum experience.

Best PS Now settings for maximum experience

Currently, PlayStation Now has been optimized for each device. Due to this, the issue with the gameplay experience has been solved. But, if you still face some issues, you can try these settings to boost your gameplay experience.

Cloud gameplay service of PS Now

Method 1

You will have to fix your performance or network issues in this setting. Visit the troubleshooting network thread and then change your router settings. Connect to the best available connection, and your gameplay experience will be greatly maximized in PS Now.

Method 2

If you’re using PS Now on a PC, you will have to optimize your Graphic settings. This can slightly improve your PS Now experience. Try testing your graphic setup to get the best results.

Method 3

It is highly recommended to use DS4 controllers.  This controller is compatible with PS4 and can give you a better gameplay experience. So, while playing games on your PS Now, try using a DS4 controller.

Method 4

If you are using PS4 download games, then it is highly recommended that you use Remote Play. This feature is available for iPhone, Mac, PC, and Android.

You can apply these basic settings to improve your PlayStation Now gameplay experience.

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