Best Solo Fallen Loadout in Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defence Simulator is a Roblox game developed by Paradoxium Games. It was created on 5th June 2019. However, the official release date was 15th June 2019. The base gameplay of Tower Defence Simulator is teaming up with other players to fight against the waves of enemies until they triumph over the particular map. On giving damage to enemies, players receive cash. By defeating enemies, players receive exp, coins, and gems used to build new towers, upgrade existing ones, and purchase emotes or skins. There are many buildings which are to be purchased from the store. Then they are upgraded to a certain level to fire against the enemies. 

Best Solo Fallen Loadout in Tower Defense Simulator

There are many towers in the game, and players need to identify which tower is the best. Without knowing the attributes of towers, it’s difficult for players to add those towers in their loadout. Here are the five best-sorted towers which you can use to make your combination for solo fallen loadout.

  1. Commander: It has the best ability of all the towers, ” Call to Arms ability” which makes it most valuable in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.
  2. Ranger: The name of the tower itself tells that it takes out the enemy from a long-range. It perks itself on a click and targets shooting enemies from range. It is one of the most expensive towers, but it is certainly worth it.
  3. Golden Cowboy: The Golden Cowboy has a low rate of fire but has a high damage output. This tower can replace Farm, for those who don’t want to use Farm.
  4. Dj Booth: This tower doesn’t deal with the damage. It helps other towers to increase energy, like Accelerator who lacks in range.
  5. Farm: It’s beneficial to add these towers in your loadout for those whose other towers are upgraded to a certain high level. Like Dj Booth, this tower doesn’t deal with the damage. But it gives high cash with each damage by upgraded towers.

This is one of the best loadouts for solo fallen. You can add this in your loadout and can even customize it according to your benefits.

Best Solo Fallen Loadout in Tower Defense Simulator
Best Solo Fallen Loadout in Tower Defense Simulator

All about Swarmer in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

If you already own a Swarmer in Tower Defense Simulator, it is beneficial for you. The Swarmer is unobtainable now as it was removed from the game store since it came during the Spring Event 2020. The Swarmer has a unique way of damaging enemies. It attacks by firing bees at enemies and the enemies will be getting damage over time. Multiple Swarmers can attack enemies directly if they are not stung by Swarmers before. The stinging effect of Swarmes comes from Beehive Grenade Ability. One more advantage of this tower is, even if one enemy is stung by a Swarmer, the same Swarmer will attack that enemy again if it gets under any explosion.