BGMI low sound problem iOS fix 2021

After a year’s wait, the PUBG mobile game is finally back in India with a new name exclusively for Indian players. Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI), developed and published by Krafton, was released on 18th August for iOS devices. This is an online multiplayer battle royal game. Up to one hundred players come together to fight in a battle royale map, where the last man standing comes out victorious. There are five unique maps in the game: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. The game starts with the players jumping off a plane and landing on the battleground with a parachute. Initial looting is essential to be ready for frontal combat and be the last man standing. To make the game intense, the map’s playable area shrinks with the increase in match time. BGMI gives its players an intensive war and survival experience through mobile gaming.

Fix low sound problem in BGMI for iOS

BGMI is now available for iOS devices, and you can play it on iPad or iPhone. Although, most iOS device players are facing a problem with low game sound while using wired earphones or headphones. On opening the mic option to communicate with teammates, the background game sound becomes almost in-audible for the players, making it difficult to listen to enemy footsteps. You can try a few methods that will fix the low sound problem in your iOS while playing BGMI.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your iOS device. Scroll down and select the BGMI application. You will get the “Microphone” option in the settings. On and off that option two to three times. This method has worked for almost 90% of players on iOS devices.
  •  It is advisable to always plug in your wired earphones/headphones before opening the game. Following this method will fix the low in-game sound issue in your iOS device, even after using the mic option to communicate with teammates.
  • You can also purchase a wireless gaming headphone to eliminate the low sound problem in BGMI completely.  This low sound problem is expected to get fixed after iOS 15 updates.
Fix low sound problem in BGMI for iOS
Gameplay in BGMI

BGMI 1.6 Update Details

The BGMI 1.6 update was officially released on September 17th, 2021, for Android and iOS devices. The popular map of Vikendi from PUBG makes its return in BGMI, and the Flora Menance Mode is also introduced. The update comes with new Evo ground modes, the addition of new weapons (P1911, FAMAS, AK12), new sound effects, fast scope adjustment, unlimited ammo in training grounds, optimization of BGMI settings, and many more.