Bit Life Love Achievements List . How to complete all love achievements

In our previous blog, we have discussed the innovative text-based game BitLife that allows you to create and play your desired way of life, making your own choices, and including two main features on how to purchase a property and how to adopt kids. As it has been stated, you get to choose your partner, fall in love, go on dates, propose, plan weddings, marry your love, produce children, adopt children and raise them.

Bit Life Love Achievements List

All Love Achievements in BitLife

Speaking of love life, the game comes with certain love goals or achievements. Here is the list of 10 love achievements that are available in BitLife :

  • Black Widow: Widow losing 5 husbands in one life.
  • Diamond Anniversary: Being married for 75 years together.
  • Family Planner: Convince a lover to go off birth control or pills.
  • Golden Anniversary: Being married for 50 years together.
  • Maiden Name: Marry a man who takes your last name.
  • Multigamist: Get married 10 times in one life.
  • Stud: Have 100 lovers in a single lifetime.
  • Wedding Planner: Agree to an arranged marriage.
  • Bejeweled: Receive 3 piece jewelry from the same lover
  • Fake It: Propose successfully with a fake ring.

How to complete all the love achievements in Bitlife

We hope you got to know about the list of love achievements available in the game. Here we are providing you with the list of how you can achieve those:

  1. Black widow: You have to be married to 5 men who have to die or even get killed by you after getting married. Your character need not be a female. You can earn a “deadly” ribbon if you kill them all.
  2. Diamond Anniversary: You have to get married and stay married to your partner for 75 years without getting divorced or without being dead. You won’t earn any ribbon in this.
  3. Family planner: You should have a girlfriend or fiance or wife on birth control and make her agree to get off the birth control. You won’t earn ribbons on.
  4. Golden Anniversary: You have to get married and stay married to your partner for 50 years without getting divorced or being dead. You won’t get a ribbon.
  5. Maiden name: You have to get married to a male character, and you should keep your last name, and he should take and have your last name as his last name. You won’t get a ribbon.
  6. Multigamist: you have to find a date and propose to get married 10 times. You should also divorce your partners one at a time. You won’t get a ribbon.
  7. Stud: You have to date or hook up with 100 people within a lifetime. You can spam, date or Hookup until you have had 100 lovers. You will achieve a “lust” ribbon.
  8. Wedding planner: You have to be born in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, or Korea, and then you have to wait without marrying someone of your choice for the situation to occur. You won’t earn ribbons on.
  9. Bejeweled: You have to procure pieces of jewelry from your partner. You won’t achieve any ribbon.
  10.  Fake it: There are possible shops to shop for jewelry, one of them sells fake jewelry. It will show its quality through a bar. You have to propose to your partner with this fake ring. You won’t earn any ribbons.