Black Clover Manga Vs Anime: Which Is Better ?

Black Clover is an incredibly popular shonen series by Yuki Tabata. This series gained a massive fan following in a relatively short period of time and shocked everyone with its success. The manga series by Yuki Tabata started serialization in February 2015 in the Weekly Shonen Jump and is still ongoing. Its chapters have been collected in 32 volumes now.

An anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot also began in October 2017 and ran till March 2021. It consists of a total of 170 episodes and covers the manga chapters till the beginning of the latest arc of the manga. Funimation and Crunchyroll have licensed the anime series for international release. An anime film of this franchise will come out in 2023.

Black Clover: Manga or Anime?

It is a very general and obvious thing for people to compare the manga and anime versions of any series. Most of the time, the anime shows are adaptations of their manga counterparts. And it is completely natural to see and observe some differences and changes in both versions of the same media.

This raises the age-old debate about choosing the better version of the franchise. Both the anime and the manga versions of any media have their respective pros and cons that fans might like or dislike. It also depends upon a person’s individual preference to consider one form of media better than the other.

Thus, it can be very difficult to confidently state that one form of the franchise is better than the other. But what we can do is list some main ways in which both the manga and anime differ from each other and in what ways either of them is supposedly better than the other.

Why The Manga Is Better

Many fans like the manga series of Black Clover more than the anime adaptation-

  • Asta is the main focus – While the anime series likes to deviate from the protagonist’s story sometimes, the manga focuses solely on Asta. The manga rarely follows any other character or plot than him.
  • Better art style – In recent years, the quality of animation has far surpassed that of manga art. But the same cannot be said for Black Clover because the art style of the manga series is much better than the animation in the anime show.
  • Pacing – The first few episodes of the Black Clover anime had terrible pacing, something that the fans often complained about. While this was fixed in the later episodes, it cannot be denied that the manga has a much better pace.
  • More content – As the source material of the series, the manga is quite ahead of the anime and offers more content to the readers.

Why The Anime Is Better

There are many fans of the series who prefer the anime over the manga series-

  • Animation – Many fans prefer animated media over their printed counterparts. Thus, for such people, anime is definitely the better choice.
  • Filler episodes – Most anime fans fear filler episodes since excessive fillers can ruin the characters and even the entire series. But Black Clover uses filler episodes wisely and minimally. It only shows character development and other plot-related details in its filler episodes.
  • Music – The Black Clover anime offers some of the best music and soundtracks found in the latest anime series. The opening and ending songs are phenomenal and the original soundtrack is fabulous as well.
  • Extra material – The anime likes to add some extra material to both the story and the characters which makes them even more intriguing and fun. It is also very impressive that this does not change or harm the original story and character’s personality.