Boy Girlfriend Chapter 47 Release Date & Spoilers

Boy Girlfriend is a BL webtoon by Pastaflavour. Although this webtoon is fairly new, not even having 50 chapters to date, it is quite popular among the fans of this genre. The webtoon started publishing on the Webtoon platform in June 2021. With a special twist to a common trope, this webtoon has an entertaining story, a unique art style, and funny characters. In this post, we discuss Boy Girlfriend Chapter 47 Release Date.

What is the story of Boy Girlfriend?

This story follows two best friends as they pretend to date each other but gradually catch feelings instead. Keane and Onyx are best friends. Keane happens to have a crush on his teacher’s daughter, who is a university student and older than him. He tries to confess his feelings multiple times but chickens out every time. When he resolves to finally confess, she puts a premature stop to his attempted confession by calling him a ‘kid’.

Keane decides to prove to her that he is a real man and not a child. He believes that if he has a girlfriend whom he treats wonderfully then his crush would believe that he is a mature man. But since he doesn’t actually want to date anyone, he asks Onyx to help him. Onyx, who unknowingly has feelings for Keane, is shocked at his request but gradually agrees to dress and act as Keane’s “girlfriend”.

Boy Girlfriend Manhwa Status

Boy Girlfriend started publishing on the Webtoon platform in June 2021. The webtoon currently has 46 released chapters. The chapters of this series come out rather frequently with minimal breaks. Till now, the author has only taken breaks due to any health issues. Pastaflavour also informs the audience whenever the series takes a break. The 47th chapter of the webtoon will come out soon as well.

Boy Girlfriend Chapter 47 Release Date and Spoilers

Since the author of Boy Girlfriend has not announced any breaks for the webtoon as of now, fans can expect to read the next chapter of this series according to its usual release schedule. Therefore, the next chapter of Boy Girlfriend, which will be chapter 47, is expected to come out on 15 September 2022. Fans will most probably be able to read the next chapter within the week.

The previous chapter of this series focused entirely on Keane and Onyx. Keans foolishly believes that Onyx has a crush on another girl and asks him to think about her when pretending to date him. When Onyx asks him if he thinks of his crush when they date, Keane starts to reply. The next chapter will focus on their conversation and Onyx will learn more about Keane’s feelings about their pretend-dating.