Brawl stars season 8 skins price and release date

As we have seen in our previous blog, Brawl Stars is one of the most popular online multiplayer battle third-person shooting games. Brawl Stars was not released initially with complete features. It has taken four years of constant evolution to get to this point. It was once a fantasy game, then it became a sci-fi laser fest, and then most recently a gunslinging western genre.

Brawl Stars Season 8 Skins Price and Release Dates

There are a total of seven seasons available for this game, out of which the seventh season went live on June 21st, 2021. The Twitter handle of the up-to-date Brawl Stars channel named CLB (Chats, Leaks, Brawl) Stars has recently revealed the updates on season 8 skins’ price and their release dates. Check out the tweet!

Brawl stars season 8 skins price and release date
Source: Twitter

Brawl Stars & their characteristics

Here we have provided you with a list of nine brawlers and their characteristics who are getting skin updates in season 8.

1. Wizard byron– It is unlockable with 30 wins in the new power league season. He is also in a brawl on a little box.

2. Princess shelly– (Brawl pass tier1) She drops her slippers during the fight. She shoots with a bunch of frogs. She got custom walk animations.

3. Unicorn knight Barley– The model and the color is amazing. During the normal and super shots, the colors explode

4. Ruby prince Sprout – The shots look the same but their supers look different. One has a green top and one has red on the top of the castle for emerald and ruby. The model has a sword in the stone!

5. El dragon Verdoso– There are two colors: the Tulsa and the russet. ( Green and pink) He has wings and he can fly! In the super shot, he turns out the fire is normal; he splashes and shoots.

6. Evil Queen pam– She got dance moves and nice makeup on her also a dragon trap behind to use it to fire also she got a little box. In the normal shot, she just shoots but in the super, she throws the box, and there splatters little gems circling the box.

7. Lunar Piper– She looks vibrant and happy. Her dress gives fairy tale vibes. She leaves little smokes when she moves. In the normal shot, she fires with fireballs and in the super, she drops little bunnies and they blow up!

8. Handsome Colt– He got the money bag and two guns. His shots look normal.

9. True gold and silver Bo– The model is fully covered in either gold or silver. His shot is normal.