Brawlstars The Bad Randoms Challenge details leaked on Twitter

Developed and published by Supercell [ Makers of the fan-favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale], released worldwide on December 12, 2018, on iOS and Android, Brawl Stars is one of the most popular online multiplayer battle third-person shooting games. Brawl Stars was not released initially with complete features. It has taken four years of constant evolution to get to this point. It was once a fantasy game, then it became a sci-fi laser fest, and then most recently a gunslinging western genre.

At present, it exhibits plenty of that ‘wild west feel’, but its chaotic shootouts are more cheerful and cartoony than any of its previous incarnations. In this shooter game, brawlers attack other brawlers in three-on-three, duo, solo, special and competitive battles. Players can select their brawler’s attack, super attack, and health. This game also has many characters like a crow, spike, ricochet, nita, etc. It offers different game modes and also has less time-consuming matches. This game comes with colorful characters. In the game, you have to collect coins and gems, which you can use for upgrading your brawlers. You can also spend your coins and gems on new characters. This is a pretty simple game to pick up and play on mobile. Brawl Stars provides a much-needed lively feel. It’s not just because of its thrilling, unpredictable firefights, but because there’s always something new to see and do. 

Brawlstars The Bad Randoms Challenge
Leaked Details of The Bad Randoms Challenge

The Twitter page, CLB_stars has recently leaked the details of the bad random challenge. Bibi is an epic brawler and you can obtain the new skin for Bibi for free if you win all the matches in this challenge. You may also get other rewards such as Star Points, Coins, or Brawl Boxes. There are no maps yet for this challenge. You can team up with your friends and strategize to increase the chances of winning!! This challenge will be available only for 62 hours!