Can we do FIFA 22 family sharing on Steam?

The Steam Family Library Sharing lets players share their games among family members and guests. It also helps the player to earn their Steam achievements and save their game progress to the Steam cloud. After you send a request to your family member to authorize you to their Steam library, you can play their games. But, to use this feature of Steam, you will have to enable the Steam Guard Security. Through this, your computer will use only some specific computers and users to share the Steam library. Now, let us see if FIFA 22 allows family sharing on Steam or not.

Can we do FIFA 22 family sharing on Steam?

Yes, FIFA 22 allows family sharing on Steam. But, there are certain things that you need to be sure of while sharing your game. Steam Family Sharing only lets your game be shared on a different computer. You will have to link your family members and guest to your Steam Library. In addition to this, only one account can access the game.

FIFA 22 family sharing
Share your games among family members.

If you own a copy of FIFA 22 and you share it with your family members, then they have to access the game with another account. Furthermore, the bonuses earned from playing FIFA 22 with all other game progress will be saved on different accounts. In simple terms, bonuses earned from FIFA 22 or any other game progress are not shared among accounts. 

Can you transfer the ownership of games on Steam Family Sharing?

No, you cannot share the ownership of your purchased game. Once you have purchased the game to your account, the ownership remains. However, you can share the game with your family members or other guests. To transfer the ownership of a game among family members, you will have to try and refund the copy you have bought. If the copy gets refunded, you can purchase another copy for your family members’ accounts. But, if it is not refunded, you will have to purchase a new copy. 

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