Can we really get infinite pets in pet simulator x?

In our previous blogs, we discussed Pet Simulat X update 2 features and update 3 rumors, leaks, and release date. Recently, Roblox has displayed a picture of the game in such a way that it has been updated on 22nd Aug 2021. It seems like that the game has been updated with new free ultra-lucky boost codes. Following that, many people have been saying that their pets have disappeared, according to pet simulator x leaks on Twitter. Each pet does have an id, which means duped pets can be found easily. Therefore, it was expected that they could be deleted once Preston comes back from vacation. There is a way around the unique ID that people have duped their pets like gold and phantom wolves, then converted them into rainbow pets. Those gamers have now gotten brand new ids. Preston also typed this in discord: “dog cat” is a Pogchamp cat available in the game, but nobody yet knows how to get it.

Infinite pets in pet simulator x

Infinite Pets in Pet Simulator X

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Now Preston is back from the vacation and has tweeted, ” infinite pets equipped?…😂.” At the moment, you can have 15 pets if you bought the game pass for update 2, which is now live. People were wondering what if this 15 pet pass wasn’t a limit imagine the infinite pet pass and whether this is Preston’s great idea as soon as he comes back from holiday? The whole community was like, what is going on? Preston then posted some more tweets “ here’s the deal: 5,000 RTs and I’ll make it available for a little time, BUT, it expires after 1 week,  again he tweeted, ” Available for Robux purchase.” Sadly the tweets have been deleted. We can assume that it may be because Preston realized that it wasn’t a good idea.

The community assumes that it was an intended update of the game that was leaked earlier and believes they would get to equip infinite pets soon once the Pet Simulator X update 3 goes live. However, the rest of the community says that Preston’s decision was withdrawn and can never be expected in the future.