Characters That Can Survive Luffy’s Gear 5

While Gear 5 of Luffy is a very overpowered ability there are still some characters in the One Piece world who can survive this transformation of his! In today’s article, we will be seeing some of the characters that can survive Gear 5 of Luffy. So, make sure to read until the end! Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with this article!

5 Characters That Can Stand Up To Gear 5 Luffy!

1. Ichigo Kurosaki

Gear 5

Ichigo Kurosaki is the male lead of Bleach anime which is one of the big three just like One Piece. He is also one of the handful who can face Luffy’s Gear 5 directly and even defeat him in that form of his! As we all know Ichigo’s powers are related to Soul-Reapers. This puts him at a major advantage as a normal human being cannot perceive souls that exist in another plane like Ichigo’s.

He can just enter his Shinigami form and will be completely invisible to the naked eye of a human being. The same is the case with Luffy. An enemy that Luffy cannot even perceive in the mortal dimension will most likely not be able to land even one hit on him. But even if he was able to see him, Ichigo’s powers are far too broken!

Ichigo even shattered a level 90 Kurohitsugi of Aizen which can bend time and space itself and also defeated the said antagonist, which means he can most likely defeat Luffy. Sadly, for Luffy, this would be an extremely bad match-up as Ichigo while underrated is powerful beyond comprehension!

2. Naruto Uzumaki

Gear 5

The protagonist of the Naruto franchise can most definitely not only survive but also give a hard time to Gear 5 Luffy! To be honest, Naruto is a very powerful character who was even able to defeat the likes of Isshiki Otsutsuki by simply using his fists most of the time. While we do not know who will be the victor in a brawl between these two, one thing that we know is that these two would certainly become best friends instantly and go to eat ramen or meat if they ever happen to meet!

3. Goku

Gear 5

Now, this character here doesn’t need any introduction! Does he? No, he doesn’t because from a child to a grandpa knows about Goku around the globe! The Kakarot will most definitely be able to defeat Gear 5 Luffy!

Now, we are not downgrading Luffy here, but just presenting facts as it is out of the question for a character such as Goku who can rival the likes of Beerus to be defeated by a mortal such as Luffy even with his strongest form yet! Goku on a whim can destroy planets and was able to even defeat Jiren with the help of Vegeta! Sadly, our beloved Luffy doesn’t even stand a chance against Goku!

4. Saitama

Saitama is considered as the possible character in all of the anime verses to be able to compete and even defeat Goku. Some of his biggest feats are obliterating Jupiter and exposing its core itself with a sneeze, destroying one of Jupiter’s moons with just one hand, and much more. Saitama’s power is not his unfathomable strength but his infinite potential for growth which can’t even be gauged by any means! In simple terms, it can also be referred to as adaptability. It won’t take much time for him to adapt to Luffy’s Gear 5!

5. Shanks

Gear 5

We’ve talked much about the characters from other verses but now let’s discuss about about a specific character from Luffy’s verse, One Piece! Shanks is a person whose powers and origins both are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows much about his background or what his powers are other than his extremely potent Haki! There are plenty of things that must be taken notice of about Shanks.

He is one of the very few in the One Piece universe whose powers are equivalent to that of Kaido and Big Mom. All without any Devil Fruit, just raw Haki! That means that Shanks’ Haki is even able to stop Kaido, the Strongest Creature in the world as he did in the Marineford arc! Also, it must be noted that Haki is potentially the only power in One Piece world that can rival the power of Devil Fruit users.

It is stated several times in the series that against an extremely strong Haki user such as Shanks himself, Devil Fruit’s powers can’t remain effective for much longer! However, considering Luffy’s Gear 5, it can be said that anything can happen if these two at any time in the future happen to be at odds!

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