Dead By Daylight 5.3.2 Hotfix Patch Release Date

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Dead by Daylight is a survival-horror game released on June 14, 2016. Behaviour Interactive is the developers and also the publishers of this game. This game features a Killer and four survivors who need to escape getting killed by the brutal killer. It is an online multiplayer game and the matches are time-based. The game features many characters for both Killer and Survivors. Apart from the original characters of the game, it also features characters from famous horror franchises. Some of these are Left 4 Dead, A Nightmare at Elm Street, Evil Dead, Resident Evil.

The game is one of the popular games in the horror genre and the player count is also increasing. With regular updates, the developers’ team is active in optimizing the game and providing issue-free gaming to that players. Here we have some news for you regarding the release date of the 5.3.2 Hotfix patch release for Dead by Daylight!

Dead By Daylight 5.3.2 Hotfix Patch Release Date

The latest 5.3.0 hotfix patch of Dead by Daylight just landed on October, 19th 2021. This update is based on Hour of the Witch. A lot of new things were added in this latest update. There are modifications in the Killers, a new character, map optimization, bugs were fixed and known issues were resolved. The new survivor introduced in the game is Mikaela Reid based on the theme of the occult. The Killer characters that were modified were Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, Shape, Pig, Spirit, Plague. Deathslinger, Ghost Face, Blight, and Oni.

Dead by Daylight 5.3.2 patch release date
Mikaela Reid, the new survivor in Dead by Daylight

New perks were added for the survivors. Babysitter is now a Guardian and Camaraderie is now Kinship. The second wind is changed to Renewal and Better together is now Situational Awareness. Inner Strength changed to Inner Healing and Fixated is now Self-Aware. The Killer perks were also modified. Surge changed to Jolt, Mindbreaker is now Fearmonger and Cruel Limits changed to Claustrophobia. All these changes in the perks are well balanced for proper optimization of the game. The Dead Dawg Saloon map is now again available for play.

If the previous patch updates of Dead by Daylight are considered, then we can soon see a bug optimization update for this game on November 2nd. 2021. The date of the next patch is not confirmed by the developers and can change too. The upcoming update will not add anything new to the game. The 5.3.2 patch will overcome the drawbacks of the 5.3.0 Hotfix patch. Dead by Daylight will soon be launching the Black Friday sale. All the upcoming new events may be included in the next patch. We will surely notify you about the details of the next update.

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