Dead by Daylight New Update Add Ons

The developer and publisher of Dead By Daylight are Behaviour Interactive. This game first arrived on 16th June 2016. It is a horror survival game played as one versus four. The gameplay is based on a survival strategy where the survivors have to escape from the savage killer. It is a paid game and is available on Steam Store. The recent review of Dead By Daylight on Steam Store is very positive and loved by 80% of the players. This update is one of the biggest updates of Dead By Daylight this year. Behaviour Interactive has released the first part of this update. The second part is yet to arrive. So part one of the September Update is listed below.

Dead by Daylight new update add ons

Dead By Daylight is bringing a big update soon. Below are some of the add-ons to the updates:

  • The Trapper: There used to be a random number of bear traps in the spawn island. But now the settings have been changed, and there will be six bear traps from the starting, and the trapper can start with two extra bear traps by default. 
  • The Spirit: Since The Spirit came in Dead By Daylight,she had been a great killer. Changes are made to her phase walk. Any survivor can hear the phase walk of The Spirit if they are within 24m distance. The walk of the Spirit will blow up dust in between tall grass and other obstacles. Players can identify her location, but obstacles may make it difficult.
  • Killer Add-Ons Updates: It is always confusing to identify the descriptive words out of hundreds of effects. The developers have updated the following descriptive words: The Hillbilly, The Nurse, The Shape, The Hag, The Oni, The Blight, The Wraith, The Pig, The Ghost Face.
Dead by Daylight new updates
The Killer in Dead by Daylight

What are the Perk Updates of Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive is adding huge perk updates. Some of them are:

  • Vigil: Recovery rate increasing from (10/15/20)% to (20/25/30)%.
  • Babysitter/Guardian:  Increase in speed boost of 4/6/8 seconds for not leaving the Scratch Marks or Pools Of Blood.
  • Hex: Retribution: Increased Aura Reading duration to 15 seconds.
  • Hex: Blood Flavor: The default cooldown effect will be no longer available. It will be activated manually on successful Special Attacks as well.
  • Hex: The Third Seal: Killers will receive more damage with power activated.
  • The thrill of the Hunt: Speed Penalty is extended from Cleansing to Blessing as well.
  • Kill Switch: If some breaks in and things become exploitable, the server disables the kill switch. This marks the exploited items, and before maintenance, they can not be selected.