DirectX 13 Release Date & launch time : When will it come out ?

DirectX is a set of APIs that provide low-level access to hardware components such as video cards, sound cards, and memory. Here we are to decide if it sounds intricate. DirectX allows the games to “talk” to video cards. Many games and graphic software applications require a specific version of DirectX to be installed. It is not required to install a game However, It is required to run a game. DirectX is risk-free. Some games, particularly older titles, require it and may refuse to run, crash, or otherwise fail if it is not present.

We are all aware that DX12 Ultimate was not much of an upgrade, so we can anticipate Microsoft working on DirectX 13. However, the company only occasionally releases a new version of the API. It is very well known that Microsoft has recently released the Windows 11 version which is in its preview phase. Although the new version of Microsoft Windows is released already, we cannot expect the release of DirectX 13 anytime soon this year. However, we can be certain of the release of DirectX 13 in the year 2022.

Here we have listed out the steps on how to install and download the DirectX latest version! Check out!

Step 1: Go to the DirectX End-user Runtime Web Installer page on Microsoft’s website.
Step 2: Choose your preferred language and click the Download button.
Step 3: After you’ve downloaded the web installer, run it by double-clicking dxwebsetup.exe, accept the terms and conditions, then pressing the Next option.
Step 4:The DirectX Runtime Optional Components will now be displayed in the online setup, with a download size of about 90MB. Wait for the installer to finish downloading and installing before clicking Next. ( This may take a while)
Step 5: The setup will show that the installation is finished. Restart your system.