Does baji die in Tokyo Revengers / Is Baji Dead in Tokyo Revengers ?

The Bloody Halloween, aka the first war of Tokyo Revengers anime, is on full hype these days. Toman is on an all-out war against Valhalla. The former is fighting with half of the strength of later, but having division commanders like Draken and Takemichi’s resolve is making the whole gang winning handicap fights against Valhalla. In episode 19, we saw Kazutora hitting Mikey with an iron rod, but in the end, Mikey turned the table with his fast kicks. Episode number 20 is online now, and it continues with Mikey’s resolve against Kazutora. However, for Takemicchi, the only important person is Baji, whose life needs to be saved to change the future. Baji’s death before Takemichi’s visit to the past changed Mikey and Toman, which directly led to Hinata’s death. Episode 20 marks Baji’s entrance into the war, and at the end of the episode, he is shown coughing blood, kneels in front of Kisaki Tetta, the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. Now, everyone is wondering does baji die in Tokyo Revenger episode 20. Will Takemichi be able to save Baji to change Toman’s future?. Let’s discuss this in detail with a short recap.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 Recap- Is Baji Dead

After beating down Kazutora and division commanders, Mikey kneels on one of the cars in a pile. Seeing this, one division commander of Valhalla runs along with hundreds of delinquents to finish him, but the third division commander Kisaki Tetta and his 50 commanders protect him. Takemichi realizes that the battle’s outcome doesn’t matter to Tetta, he just wants to rise among Toman’s ranks. Just in, Baji appears behind Kisaki and strikes him with the pipe. At that moment, Takemichi only thinks to protect Baji, which is clearly visible in the scene where he pushed Baji and also tells Chifuyu to protect Baji together. In moments, Takemichi realizes that Kazutora killed Baji and sees that Kazutora was not near Mikey.  Eventually, Kazutora appears behind Baji, then stabs him, but Takemichi throws him off. Baji thanks him and says the stab wound is just a scratch.

Seeing Baji standing against Kisaki Tetta, Takemichi tries to help him. Still, the first division commander goes berserk against 50 third division members and Tetta alone, who planned to kill Mikey behind the scenes. Baji eventually makes his way to Kisaki and then kills him with a pipe. Baji kneels while coughing blood.

Does baji die/ Is Baji Dead in Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 ?

Now coming to the huge cliffhanger that the episode left for us – Does baji die in Tokyo Revengers ?. The answer is NO, Baji is alive in episode 20. He was coughing blood because of the injuries he sustained in a fight and that stab wound. He will fight more in the next episode, and it will be a hell of a rollercoaster for those who don’t read Tokyo Revengers manga.

Is Baji Dead / Does baji die in Tokyo Revengers?

Now coming to the spoilers- Is Baji going to be killed in Tokyo Revengers ?. The answer is Yes, Baji is dead in Tokyo Revengers manga, not anime. In the anime, we will see him dying soon, but it won’t be the scenario like all of you are thinking. He will stab himself to death and hand over Mikey and Toman’s future to Takemichi.