Does Dead by Daylight have Anti-Cheat

Is dead by daylight free to play on PC and Consoles?

Dead by Daylight launched on June 14, 2016, and was published by Behavior Interactive. The game is popular in the horror genre. The gameplay is survival based where four players survive from a brutal killer. Although the game has many positive reviews from critics, players are experiencing hacker issues in this game. Now, we know that hackers in online games are n=common and they cause trouble to the honest players. Players have complained of facing users with speed hacks, and infinite hits. However, some players also stated that they have never faced a hack user in this game. Let us know if Dead by Daylight uses any anti-cheat mechanism to shield the game from foul players!

Does Dead by Daylight have Anti-Cheat

The gaming community of Dead by Daylight is big. On average there are almost 47,705 active players of this game in the last 30 days. Now, all of these players are not genuine. Some of these players are cheaters. They use hacked or modified files to make changes in the game’s system and affect the gameplay. Anti-cheat is a must in online multiplayer games to present a healthier and more enjoyable gaming community. Dead by Deadlight receives protection from “Easy Anti-Cheat“. This is one of the leading anti-cheat services that prevents counter hacking and cheating in online multiplayer PC games. They have a complex anti-cheat mechanism to detect the modified files used by certain users. The team of developers looks into the root cause of cheating and applies the best prevention techniques.

Dead by Daylight has anti-cheat
Error is shown by Anti-Cheat in Dead by Daylight

With this anti-cheat facility in Dead by Daylight, the publishers claim the game to be protected from hackers and cheaters. Easy anti-cheat has an expert team with vast experience in developing an anti-malware system with proper expertise in the field. Their primary goal is to keep hackers away from killing the competition in the game by using unfair means. Players using modified are banned by them to encourage genuine players with safe and fun gaming practice.

 Review on this Anti-Cheat system in Dead by Daylight!

Some players have complained that the anti-cheat system kicks them out from the game multiple times for “modifying files”. A review states that there are very few hackers in Dead by Daylight. The anti-cheat facility is working good and it is impossible to remove all the hackers from an online multiplayer game. Moreover, no anti-cheat company can guarantee 100% security for a PC game. Good hackers can bypass this security of anti-cheat and cause hindrance to the normal players. But, it will be a matter of time that the anti-cheat detects it and removes that user permanently.

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