Does dead by Daylight mobile has voice chat?

Dead by Daylight is a survival-based online video game. It was first released for windows in 2016. It was then made available for most of the other gaming platforms, namely, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, in consecutive years. The game has a thrilling storyline that centers on a supernatural entity. The brutal violence awakens the supernatural entity. The awakened entity demands sacrifice that involves the killing to get the souls of the survivors.

The primary objective of the players is to survive the entity’s ruthless, brutal killings. The game comes with two varieties of characters which are the survivors and the killers. The important feature of the game is that you can download your desirable characters. This means that the characters can be the ones designed originally for the game and can be the characters from different horror-based franchises such as Stranger Things, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Resident Evil, and so on. The gameplay is indeed realistic.

Does dead by Daylight mobile has voice chat?

Dead by Daylight Voice Chat
Source: Twitter

The game Dead by Day Light is a five-player horror game. The game is meant to give its players a sense of loneliness while playing because they have to feel the need to survive with no clue or help. It will provide the players with adrenaline push adding to the excitement. This is the actual reason why the game has not allowed or introduced the feature of voice chat in the game.

Therefore, players can only communicate with each other via text chat in the pre-game lobby and in the post-game lobby. As you can see in the tweet, the developer has made it clear that they have no plans to add any such sort of voice-chat feature even in the future. However, the game is dope despite the players being demanding and missing out on the voice chat feature. We hope you get it! We will keep you updated about this exciting game, Dead by daylight.