Does Enter The Gungeon features Crossplay ?

Developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital, The Roguelike video game Enter the Dungeon is one of the complicated as well as fun-filled games. Explore the dungeon, defeat creatures, and strengthen your character. The ultimate purpose of this game, Enter the Gungeon is to discover a gun that is capable of killing the past. You’ll need a bullet before you can fire that gun. The four pieces of this legendary bullet can be found on every floor after Floor 1, either in shops or in special puzzle rooms that you must complete. It is available on almost all gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox One, Mac’s and Pc. Enter the Gungeon, like many great roguelike games, is one such game with complexity. It has massive mechanics and things that both newcomers and experienced may struggle to grasp on their first try. It is the level of difficulty or complexity that makes the game fun-filled. Without difficulty, there is no fun!

Enter The Gungeon Crossplay

How about playing this game with your chums adding to the fun? Do not worry if you and your friends are using different gaming devices or platforms because Enter the Gungeon is one such game that falls under the category of Cross-play! The Crossplay is a unique feature that enables you to play certain games with friends or other players together in the same lobby despite the fact each individual having different consoles. How cool is it! So there you are! As Enter the Gungeon does have the cross-play feature, you can add more fun to the fun-filling game.

Follow these 3 steps to use this feature!

Step 1: Open Minecraft Dungeons on your Nintendo Switch or PS4. You’ll get a message to “Sign in for online co-op.”

Step 2: Press the corresponding button on the screen to begin. You’ll be asked to “Sign in with a Microsoft Account.”

Step 3: Head to on another device, like a phone, tablet, or even just a computer.