Does Hulu Have Bleach In English Dubbed? [2023]

Bleach is one of the Big Three anime and is loved by its fans all around the world. It has a large fan base in various countries. So, it is awfully obvious that not many people can understand it in the English subbed version with original Japanese voice acting! These people in the end resort to the English dubbed version of this fan-favorite anime series. In today’s article, we will see whether Hulu has Bleach In English dubbed or not. So, make sure to read this article until the end. Now, without any further delay let’s begin with this article!

Does Hulu Have Bleach In English Dubbed?

Yes, Bleach is available in both English subbed and dubbed versions on Hulu. Bleach is an anime series adored by many around the world despite being too much underrated even after being in the Big Three anime series of all time. So, it is a given that many anime fans would like to witness this masterpiece given its stature in the Big Three. While Hulu is not a major streaming site when it comes to anime, it is still mainstream in the movie industry.

However, it still boasts a huge library of anime from differing genres. You can watch Bleach on other platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation too. So, make sure to give this anime series a try. You will get glued to your screens once you start watching this anime series!

About Bleach


Bleach is an anime series about Ichigo Kurosaki who is an abnormal human being who can see ghosts and spirits. Excluding that he is just a normal high schooler in his teen enjoying every bit of his life. However, one day he crosses paths with a rather young-looking girl whose name was Rukia Kuchiki. The twist here is that this girl is no ordinary human being.

She is a soul reaper whose job is to exorcise bad or evil spirits (Hollow) and to send good-natured spirits to a place called Soul Society or Seireitei. Soul Society is where all the good spirits who aren’t Hollows reside. However, one certain day Rukia ends up getting hurt quite a bit by a strong Hollow while protecting Ichigo’s family. When Ichigo comes to know about this he then rushes over as quickly as he can to provide aid.

He finds himself helpless against such a monstrosity and starts to despise himself for being so weak. Rukia eventually presents an offer in front of Ichigo. This offer was to let Rukia give her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo. He after receiving Rukia’s powers ends up defeating the Hollow.

Later on, she associated herself with Ichigo more and got to know him further. She becomes his friend and starts attending the same school as him. Both Ichigo and Rukia would act like normal high schoolers during the daytime and would go on a hunt for Hollows during the nighttime. However, this is just the start as the situation becomes a lot more complicated and takes a turn for the worse in this anime that a new-watcher can’t even fathom, to begin with.

This anime is available on various sites such as Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc. So, make sure to give this series a try!

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