Does Kawaki Still Have The Karma Seal In Boruto?

Kawaki is Boruto’s rival in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. He is also Boruto’s adopted brother as Naruto takes him in after he escapes from Jigen and comes to Konoha. He is one of the strongest characters in the series now and also one of those with the most intriguing and tragic backstory. In this post we discuss, Does Kawaki Still Have The Karma Seal In Boruto?

Kawaki’s Past

Kawaki was born in a seemingly civilian village. He lived with his father and had no siblings. His mother is also not in the picture. Kawaki’s father was an abusive man who used to make him run errands and earn money and then spent it all on alcohol. He physically abused Kawaki from a very young age.

One day, Jigen comes to their house and buys Kawaki for quite a large amount of money. He tells Kawaki that he will be his father from now on and look after him. But Jigen also turns out to be a liar as he had essentially kidnapped Kawaki for human experimentation. Jigen was actually Isshiki Otsutsuki who was looking for his next vessel and Kawaki was the perfect match for it.

Isshiki puts the Karma Seal on Kawaki’s left palm and starts training him ruthlessly. He is emotionally and physically abusive towards Kawaki. All of this forces Kawaki to escape from Kara. And it is during his escape attempt that he meets Team Konohamaru.

How did Kawaki lose his Karma Seal?

Jigen attacks Konoha in an attempt to retrieve Kawaki. He fights against Naruto and Sasuke simultaneously. While the Karma Seal makes the Otsutsuki unbeatable, Amado explains that they can actually kill an Otsutsuki and avoid him reviving in Kawaki’s body by having the right timing. When Isshiki dies, he is forced to revive in Jigen’s body. And this removes the Karma Seal from Kawaki’s body.

Did Kawaki get the Karma Seal back?

After Kawaki lost his Karma Seal, he became significantly weaker. This interferes with his wish to protect Naruto. Amado uses his emotions against him. He manipulates Kawaki into realizing his apparent weakness and convinces him to get another Karma Seal implanted in his body. This seal will function solely as a weapon and no one would be able to take over his body. At least this is what Amado claims.

Does he still have the seal?

Kawaki lost his Karma Seal for a temporary period of time. But he soon gets it back. While this Karma Seal is not the one he originally had, it is one nonetheless and makes him a highly powerful individual.