Does Netflix Have All Demon Slayer Episodes In English Dub?

Netflix is an American subscription-based streaming platform. Despite not looking like it Netflix has quite a huge collection of anime series from various genres. And one of those animes is Demon Slayer. Yes, you can also watch Demon Slayer anime on this platform!

Despite that, there is still a question that remains. This question is whether or not Netflix has all of the Demon Slayer episodes in English dub. So, in today’s article, we will be looking into this matter a bit more. So, make sure to read until the end! Let’s begin with this article without any further delay!

Does Netflix Have All Demon Slayer Episodes In English Dub?

No, Demon Slayer’s episodes aren’t available in English dub on Netflix. However, you can watch Demon Slayer’s English dubbed version on Crunchyroll and that too for free of cost! Netflix is a platform in which one must buy a subscription first to get access to the vast and diverse library of anime and other types of content on this platform. There are several plans to choose from!

These can be premium, standard, basic, and mobile. One can buy either of the mentioned plans. Demon Slayer is enjoyed by everyone around the globe. So, it is obvious that there are fans who wouldn’t be able to understand the original Japanese voice acting due to language barriers.

That’s why there is always the option of the dubbed version for the same. There are various dubbed versions of Demon Slayer. One of them is the English dubbed version which is the most popular one after the English subbed one. It is suggested to watch this anime series as it will take on an enthralling ride that will make you feel all kinds of emotions like fear, excitement, happiness, sorrow, and much more.

Demon Slayer is rated 8.7/10 on IMDb and 8.5/10 on MyAnimeList. This goes on to show how promising this animated series actually is! Make sure to give this anime series a try!

About Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

This is an anime about a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado. He is a coal burner by profession who loves to help his family out in each and everything. One day, Tanjiro was out in the town away from his home in the mountains for work purposes. When he returned, he saw his whole house wrecked and completely blood-bathed, all of his family members were also dead!

It seemed like no one survived. However, that was quite not the case. Tanjiro’s baby sister, Nezuko Kamado managed to survive the devastating incident that took place at the Kamado’s. Later, he found out that Nezuko has been converted into a demon. And that too by the one who slaughtered his whole family!

He swore to himself that he will kill whoever is responsible for this and will find a cure for his demonized little sister no matter what it takes! This series is a must-watch. So, make sure to watch this series.

What Is Netflix

Demon Slayer


Netflix is an American subscription-based OTT platform. You can stream Movies, Web series, TV shows, Anime series and much more on Netflix. Unlike some other platforms, there are no global restrictions on Netflix. That basically means that anyone can buy a subscription and avail of its services sitting anywhere in the world.

Though it is not a very prominent site for watching anime it still houses some of the most iconic anime in its vast library. Netflix also involves itself in making Live-Action of a particular fan-favorite series. There are several Netflix original animes too such as Cyberpunk Edgerunners or Devil Man Crybaby! It is not the perfect place for an anime otaku but it is definitely a good package that offers all of this at reasonable prices depending on the various factors such as geological location!

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