Does Shoto Die In My Hero Academia Against Dabi?

My Hero Academia, the superhit shonen series, entered its final arc last year. As the story progressed, it became more and more complex, with the past, the present, and the future finding a way to connect themselves and come out in front of everyone. This series is one of the best-selling manga series in history and also one of the most beloved. While fans will miss the series when it finishes, there is absolutely no doubt that the story is surpassing all limits.

The League Of Villains, led by All For One, serves as the primary antagonists of the series. While the supposed main characters of the League, All For One and Shigaraki Tomura, had their histories revealed pretty early in the series, other members had to wait for their chance. One of the most enigmatic members of the League was Dabi and his story was extremely shocking and sad.

The Heartbreaking Story of the Todoroki Family

Endeavor or Enji Todoroki, the current number one hero of Japan, is the head of the Todoroki family. Angry at his failure at always being the second-best and never beating All Might, he decided to sire a child who will become stronger than the then number 1 hero. He proposed a Quirk marriage to Rei, who had an ice quirk in order to have a child who will inherit both their quirks.

But his first three children, Toya, Fuyumi, and Natsuka did not fulfill the criteria, and Shoto, the fourth child, did. Endeavor started neglecting and abusing the rest of his family while cruelly training Shoto from a very young age. Toya, the first child, always believed that he would be Endeavor’s successor, but turned out to have a weak body. In order to prove himself to his father, he overused his quirk, burnt himself and his surroundings, and supposedly died.

Rei Todoroki could no longer take the abuse and her mental health started deteriorating. She accidentally attacked Shoto and permanently scarred him. She was then hospitalized for years. In the present, Dabi turned out to be Toya Todoroki who hates his father. He reveals the family’s dirty laundry to the world and seeks to kill Endeavor. And while Endeavor was unwilling to fight Dabi due to his guilt, Shoto decides to face his brother.

Shoto VS Dabi

The fight between the two brothers had been hinted at in the previous few chapters and fans were desperately waiting for it. As expected, the fight did not disappoint. The heroes planned to separate the members of the League and have assigned teams to take them on. Shoto was a part of the team that had to fight Dabi.

The fight started with Dabi having the upper hand but soon Shoto was able to face him on an equal footing. Dabi’s backstory after surviving the fire was also shown. His misguided hatred led him to do everything that he had done. But Shoto was able to create a movement using both sides of his quirk and defeated Dabi.

Did Shoto die in the fight against Dabi?

No, Shoto did not die in the fight. In fact, he did not receive any life-threatening injuries whatsoever. Dabi, who had burnt himself completely during the fight, lost and the news was announced to all teams. Even now, it has been hinted that Dabi is still alive as well.