What is Drip Goku Power Level? How Powerful is He?

Any series as old and reputed as Dragon Ball enjoys decades’ worth of evolution in fan consumption, popularity, story diversity, merch, and the legacy it leaves behind in the world of anime across generations. However, as trends and perspectives change, a subculture for memes and one-shot comedy became a major source of quick entertainment and widespread amusement over the Internet. Thus was born what fans cheekily dubbed- Drip Goku. In this article, we gonna have a quick look at Drip Goku’s Power Level.

Goku from Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic and powerful characters to have been produced by the series, so well known and loved that he’s synonymous with the face of the franchise. With his cheerful personality yet somewhat eccentric and naive antics, it comes as no surprise that he’d be the first of many targets for the meme community. From the beginning of the serialization till its end, fans get to witness Goku’s growth and evolution as a fighter and a friend. He pushes his limits and faces voracious enemies, with each battle being an opportunity to become stronger. With the introduction of Super Saiyan, his powers intensified exponentially, to the point it sparked debate about his limits and consequently inspired fans to create memes out of his disposition.

What Exactly is Drip Goku?

Drip Goku originally began with a series of fan art released depicting Dragon Ball characters wearing Hypebeast clothing, out of which Goku was depicted in a Supreme t-shirt and ‘By Any Means Necessary’ printed jacket. This fanart was uploaded prior to June 13th, 2017 by artist No Sply. Starting from October 2020, the images began gaining popularity in bait-and-switch videos, a form of media where a user is tricked into watching unexpected content through misleading thumbnails, fake linking, or false titles. It was uploaded by an unknown user based on the then-viral MyLittlePogChamp dub by @gothmei. By mid-November 2020, the meme had built a notable presence on Instagram, later spreading to Discord and Twitter.

Drip is an internet slang term for fashionable or trendy clothing amongst younger generations, particularly Gen Z, but when the term parades as a type of fictional superpower, it is called the Drip Concept. According to the nature of this superpower, any fictional character that dons a Supreme hoodie and accessories similar to it will attain omnipotent powers that triumph above all. 

Drip Goku Power Levels

Drip Goku Power

But just how strong is Drip Goku? How powerful is he exactly? To do that, we first go to his power levels. Using Dragon Ball as first base, Goku starts out with a meager power level of 10, which surges steadily as he participates in various tournaments and battles. The last officially confirmed power level he attains is 150,000,000- when Goku goes Super Saiyan in his battle with Frieza upon witnessing his opponent kill Krillin and critically injure Piccolo. With various other sequels and video games past that, it is true that Goku improves his power level but there is neither a confirmed number released nor one fans can agree on. Since the Drip Concept allows for the user to reach omnipotence, Goku’s power level added to his Drip would surpass both Omnipotence and Boundlessness. 

Many fans love to debate and calculate the possible power levels he could attain and while this results in wildly different numbers, the commonly agreed perception is that it is immeasurable and can even be infinite or beyond mortal understanding. Beyond Omnipotence and Boundlessness levels are what Drip Concept fans have dubbed Dripotence, Dripscience, and Dripresence, all of which Goku has been marked to reach and exceed. This achievement has granted Goku inclusion to the Suggsverse.

Suggsverse is a fictional battle omniverse that stages power battles between various fictional characters from across anime, movies, TV series, and other works of media to determine who the strongest is. Drip Goku is a popular member of this universe known for his unique blend of hip-hop and martial arts. He’s regarded as one of the strongest even within the Suggsverse and is a fan favorite with a vast array of abilities and solid techniques. 

Hence, it can be concluded that while Goku himself has a power level amounting to billions, his Drip version is unimaginably more powerful so it simply can not be conceptualized on moral grounds. This alone should place his power as undisputed. Some of Drip Goku’s notable wins are Featherine Augustus Aurora, The Creator (Umineko), TOAA, The Presene, Kami Tenchi, and many more. In his various levels, Drip Goku’s base form is known to be one-shot Omnipotence with no difficulties, and his highest form attainable is his Mastered Ultra Dripstinct, a move he was made to use only once by opponent Shaggy in Suggsverse.

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