Everything we know about Pet Simulator X update 17 release date

404 Demon pet in Pet Sim X

Pet Simulator X, is a Roblox game and is developed by the developers of Big Games Entertainment. As a Roblox player, you must play this game as this game is a lot of fun. You can hatch and upgrade pets from the different stores that are available. However, to hatch eggs you will need to have coins of a different world which you can get by mining different chest boxes that respawn in the game at variable times. Grind the chest boxes, and then you can hatch some eggs from the world, and finally, you can get a pet.

Moreover, these pets have variants of their own. It can be upgraded to golden, rainbow, and finally to Dark Matter. However, the last variant is the most powerful and efficient pet variant in the game. You can upgrade this pet from the Dark Matter pet store from the Tech World Biome. However, the game even allows the trade of pets between players.

Pet Simulator X update 17 release date

Currently, Pet Simulator X is going on with the Axolotl update. As soon as the time period for this update finishes, Preston will release a new update. The new update will feature again some new worlds and some new pets related to the theme of the update. However, this update is going to be a minor update as the other update patterns. It is seen that Preston releases a small update at the start of the month and then followed by the major update which contains a separate world.

So, we can expect to see a new update by the first week of March month and then at the end of the month a major update will be brought. However, even in the upcoming update, we will find some major pets, that will have mythical pets. Even, if the update is small, Preston never fails to amaze the Pet Simulator X player.

Pet Simulator X update 17
The gameplay of Pet Simulator X

The full changelog for Update 16

Update 16 is now live and is full of amazing features and pets. However, here is the list of the full changelog for update 16.

  1. Axolotl Ocean
  2. Axolotl Pets
  3. Axolotl Eggs
  4. The Void
  5. Hacker Portal
  6. Rainbow Coins
  7. New Exclusive Egg
  8. Remastered Machines
  9. Giant Underwater Chest

There are also some changes made to the game from the previous update.

  1. Deleting Exclusive pets
  2. Map Uplift
  3. New Achievements
  4. Re-balanced Loot bags
  5. Tech World Bank
  6. Pet Collection Interface
  7. Cinematic Freecam

These are all the changes made to Pet Simulator X, with the Axolotl update. Hope to see some more changes in the new update which is update 17.

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