Everything we know about Valorant mobile release date & leaks

Valorant release date and other leaks

With many ex-CSGO players moving to this popular FPS game, Valorant is trending in the worldwide gaming community. Right after a year of the game’s initial launch, Riot Games has shared its plans for featuring Valorant on different gaming platforms. With such a broad reach of the game, we can expect the game to come to the mobile platforms too. Though the Valorant Mobile development is still under the radar, there are some leaks aired among the community. So, let us tell you everything about Valorant Mobile release date and other leaks. 

Everything we know about Valorant mobile release date & leaks

We haven’t heard anything about the release date for Valorant Mobile yet. But several UI and gameplay of Valorant Mobile have been leaked so far. Alongside gameplay, some Agent information was also revealed. Agents like Jett, Reyna, Skye, Breach, Phoenix, and Killjoy map appear in the Valorant Mobile game. 

Valorant Mobile game to be released soon

The leaks of Valorant Mobile promise that the game is on the verge of completion and may see a beta version of it in a few months. The beta version of the Valorant Mobile app may not appear still there are several screenshots were also revealed, which displayed the interior of the game. A Quick Buy Menu screenshot was revealed to confirm the development of the mobile app. If everything goes as planned by Riot Games, the fans may see the mobile app by this year. 

More about Valorant PC version

The PC version of the game Valorant was released on 2nd June 2020. Since then, this first-person multiplayer shooter game has been at the top of the list of most played games. The Agents had to kill other players, or complete objectives, to boost their powers, by which they could attack or defend players. Like the Valorant PC, we may see the Agents wield the same powers in the Valorant mobile.

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