FIFA 23 players count : How many players play it across all platforms?

The FIFA series has bought some of the biggest games in the football world. There are many players all across the world playing FIFA 23 game. The FIFA 23 game was available on early access for three days before its release. So, it is currently played by a lot of players. In this article, we will learn about FIFA 23 players count. 

FIFA 23 players count: How many players play it across all platforms?

FIFA 23 launched a few years ago and has already created a mess in the gaming community. Since this is the biggest football game, so lots of players are playing this game over various available platforms. For instance, you should know that this game is available over all consoles, including Stadia and PC. According to the latest SteamDB records, more than 500,000 players have played this game in its Early access period. However, the players from each platform could not be learned. 

FIFA 23 player count in Steam DB

After FIFA 23 full release, over 74,000 payers are playing this game. In the last 23 hours, it has recorded more than 75,000 players, which is a very good sign for any game on its release date. You should also learn that FIFA 23 has recorded a 75,000 peak player count. Unfortunately, some players couldn’t play this game due to an avoidable error from EA Anti-Cheat software. But we might see a higher player count increase once the errors are fixed. 

More information on FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is an Electronic Arts-published game that can be purchased from Steam platforms. The price range of this game varies from place to place. The price of FIFA 23 ranges from $35 to $75. The best part of this game is that it has full controller support. In addition, this game also has cross-platform gameplay, which is very useful for players. Also, there are 6 DLCs available for this game. But, they are currently not available.