Fix: Can’t record videos on PS5

PlayStation 5 is one of the advanced gaming consoles for the modern generation. Most players wish to record their gameplay and share it on multiple platforms. You might also want to record your games on PS5 and watch them later. But due to some reasons, you can’t record videos on PS5. Do not worry. Here are some fixes which you can try to fix your PS5 recording.

Fix: Can’t record videos on PS5.

The best method to deal with any issues is restarting your device. So, for the first fix, you can try restarting your PS5 and then see if it is working or not. To restart your PS5 follow the steps.

Video output settings in PS5
  • First of all, you need to power off your PS5.
  • Now press and hold the power button for a few seconds in front of the console.
  • After you hear a beep sound, the console will be forced to shut down. Ensure all your data is saved before you try to reboot your console.
  • Once it is shut down, press the power button again, and then after a few seconds, the PlayStation 5 should turn on.

There are some points where the developers don’t want their game to be recorded. So they manually reject the video recording. If this is the case with the game, then there is no way that you can record your gameplay. However, if this is not the case with your game, and even after restarting your PS5, the video is not recording, you might want to check your capture card. Try using a new capture card; hopefully, it will be solved now.¬†

Other issues while recording games on PS5

There are some situations when the recorded video ends up only in screenshots. To fix this, you can go to the Share menu settings and set your time limit to 60 minutes. Sometimes, the recorded video also misses the audio. Now to solve that, you can follow the instructions given here.

  1. Go to the Settings of your PS5
  2. Now click on Sharing and Broadcasts
  3. From here, you will have to go to Audio Sharing options
  4. Look for included microphone audio in video clips and select the check box.

Now your video will be recorded with the audio clip.