Fix Spider-Man Remastered low FPS, lag, stuttering and crash on startup

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was originally launched for PlayStation 4 in 2018. But due to the launch of the new GTA game simultaneously, this game couldn’t come out of the shadow. Later the game was remastered and launched for PlayStation 5 in 2020. Now, we also have the PC version of this remastered game. Although the game has received good reviews from players and critics, some players faced several issues while playing. This article will tell you how to fix Spider-Man Remastered low FPS, lag, stuttering, and crash on startup issues.

Fix Spider-Man Remastered low FPS, lag, stuttering, and crash on startup

If you are playing a Spider-Man Remastered game on a PC and have problems with your FPS, then you can disable your SMT. This process is mainly disabling the hyperthreading in your bios. Often this fix helps the players to improve the FPS count. This will boost your CPU, and the pressure will be less, stopping the sudden crash or freeze. Also, make sure that your gaming device meets the minimum system requirements to play this game. Here’s a guide that will help you to fix the issues. 

Update your graphic drivers

Method 1: You can also improve your gameplay experience by increasing your virtual RAM. To increase your virtual RAM, you can view Advanced System Settings. You will see an initial value, which you must change to 4096. 

Method 2: If this fix does not work, you can check by updating your graphic drivers. Go to Device Manager from your settings, and from the Network Display Adapters, you can update your drivers. 

Method 3: Often, the extra pressure in the CPU causes some performance drop in gameplay. To stop this, you can go to your Task Manager and stop all the unnecessary apps running in the background. You will see that apps like Discord, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are running in the background and will use some of the resources from the CPU. It would be best if you disable them at startup.

Method 4: If none of them works for you, you will have to check for your Windows update. Mostly the outdated windows create additional problems with running a game. 

These are the fixes for Spider-Man Remastered if your game is crashing at start-up and having low FPS during gameplay. 

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