Fix Spiderman Remastered PC controller not working/compatibility issue

fix controller not working
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Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has built-in support for a certain range of controllers. If you are using a supported controller, then the game will display some in-game icons for every controller. It also supports the rumble features. So, if you are getting an error while working with your controller, you should check the list of supported controllers. In addition, we will discuss how you can fix the Spiderman Remastered PC controller not working. 

Fix Spiderman Remastered PC controller not working/compatibility issue

If you are having a problem while playing with a controller in the Spider-Man Remastered PC game, your controller probably has a compatibility issue. Unless you use a supported controller, your computer will throw an error. However, if you use a supported controller and still get an error, you can follow these fixes.

Check if your controller is supported for Spider-Man Remastered on PC
  1. Disconnect all the devices that are connected to your PC and are not in use. Also, disconnect any other extra controllers that are connected to your PC. Make sure only the dispute controller is connected.
  2. Now, disable Steam Input by right-clicking on the game from Steam. Head over to Properties, choose Controller and select Disable Steam Input. 

These are the possible fixes for your controller to work properly. Even if your controller does not work after this, it would be best to check it with another system and game. By any chance, if it does not work, then you will have to change your controller.  The supported controllers for Spider-Man Remastered on PC are

  • DualSense (PlayStation 5)
  • Xbox One
  • DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4)
  • XInput compatible controllers
  • Steam Deck
  • Xbox 360

Do Marel’s Spider-Man Remastered supports Steam Input

Yes, this Marvel game supports Steam Input. This feature will allow you to use any type of controller and enable controller reconfiguration. With this additional advantage, you can configure your controller in the General Controller Settings, found in the Steam Settings menu.

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