Fix: Twitch prime subscription not available / not showing up

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Twitch is one of the popular streaming platforms on the internet. The active users on Twitch subscribe to the prime membership to get more benefits while streaming. Recently some users are facing a disturbing issue in Twitch where the prime subscription is not showing up due to some reasons. Read further to know how to solve these issues easily!

Fix: Twitch prime subscription not available / not showing up

Here are a few solutions for you to fix the Twitch prime subscription not showing up.

  • Confirm That Your Account Isn’t an Amazon Household Invitee

Start with checking if the Prime subscription is available to your Twitch id. If you are accessing the Twitch Prime membership as the invitee of a Household Account along with your Amazon Prime subscription, you can use either one of the subscriptions.

  • Confirm That Your Prime Student Membership Hasn’t Expired

Well, if you are using the Prime Student Membership, you must ensure that the account is not yet expired. This membership will expire at the end of your final year in a school or university. After that, you will simply have to upgrade to the standard plan to continue with Prime membership. You must confirm your eligibility as a student to verify your .edu mail ID from the verification mail sent by Amazon.

Twitch prime subscription not showing up
You can get the Twitch Premium membership for free with a Student Id
  • Confirm the Payment Status of the Membership

If have not received the Twitch Premium membership for free as a student or Household invitee then you must have paid the full amount to get this premium membership. You need to check the payment status to confirm the activation of your subscription. Open Twitch Prime and go to your Wallet page. There you can check if the membership has lapsed or if you need to update any of the payment methods.

  • Restart your device

The most common solution will be to restart the device on with you are running Twitch. It may sound meaningless, but sometimes, rebooting the system can simply solve issues. Shut down the device completely and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then simply switch on the device and check if the problem is fixed for you.

  • Clear the browser cache and cookies

All the opened tabs and cookies running in the background will reduce the network speed and also slow down the device in some cases. You will face problems streaming through your Twitch server due to a lack of stable internet. It is wise to clear your browsing history and also remove the cache memory and cookies before you log into your Twitch account.

Lastly, if none of the solutions work then you must contact to the customer service of Twitch and seek their assistance to solve your issue.

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