Free Fire Voice chat Not Working Fix 2021 On PC

Developed and published by Garena, released initially in 2017, Free Fire is one of the top-rated and popular games with a big global fandom. This game has been available for Android and iOS. The game’s popularity skyrocketed in the year 2019. The game bragged the title, Best Popular Vote game in 2019 play store. Every gamer is indeed very fond of this awesome shooting-based game.

Free Fire is similar in many aspects when compared to the most popular PUBG. Free Fire is also an online multiplayer mode, action-based survival game with several in-game features such as pet companions, stylish different outfits, and occasional events that add to the exploration and enjoyment of the players. However, unlike PUBG, the quality of the in-game graphics of free fire is quite mediocre. Anyways, the game is still on the top-rated list, with about 80 million active players on average every day. Booyah!

How to Fix Free Voice chat Not Working on PC

As Free fire is a multiplayer mode game and features the duo and squad modes, the voice chat, i.e., mic option, is vital. If you are wondering how to enable the voice chat option or your voice chat is not working, do follow these steps!

  • Click on the game modes.
  • Choose the squad mode.
  • You will see a headset icon and mic icon at the top of the screen. Click on the mic and unmute it.
  • Now go to the settings. Click on the game sensitivity options.
  • There will be 5 things with a bar level: General, Red Dot, 2× scope, 4× scope, and AWM scope. You need to set all the 5 bar levels to the maximum, which is 100.
  • Then click on sound in the game settings, you will see music, sound level, and voice bar level. Decrease the level of in-game music to 15 or below. If you don’t want in-game music, make it to 0.
  • Increase the points in sound and voice bar levels to the maximum, which is 100.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the expansion pack, do download it. It will provide you with a better user experience. Close the game for a while.
Free Fire Voice Chat
Windows Version
  • Ensure that you have installed the Tencent gaming buddy  (APK version also available) on your device. Now open the diagnostic tool of your device and the Tencent game buddy’s setting page.
  • According to the device’s compatibility details, you will have to make changes in the game’s setting center. Ensure that you are adding details exactly.
  • After making the changes accordingly, close the Tencent gaming buddy. Reopen it and click play on the Free Fire game.

There you go! While playing the game, you will not face any voice chat issues, and your mic will be working fine. If you still face mic issues, you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection, a wifi internet connection is highly recommended, and also that you must not use any of the VPN servers to play the game. We hope you get it!