GeForce Now 2.0.45 update notes & release date

GeForce Now is a type of cloud gaming service that Nvidia develops, and it can run on multiple platforms. You can access it from Nvidia Shield devices, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and WebOS. In GeForce Now, you will get a subscription method. Through this subscription, you can access the library of games hosted on the Nvidia servers. You can purchase and use some titles on this cloud gaming platform. This article will discuss the upcoming GeForce Now 2.0.45 update notes and its release date.

GeForce Now 2.0.45 update notes & release date

According to the latest updates, GeForce Now is undergoing with 2.0.44 update. This update came on 6th September 2022 and can last for a month at least. There are no latest updates or announcements about the GeForce Now 2.0.45 update. However, if Nvidia thinks of bringing one such update, there is a high chance it will come next month. By studying the past update duration, we can conclude that the 2.0.45 update will commence in the first week of October 2022.

GeForce Now interface

As for the patch notes of the upcoming update, there is no information on them. The patch notes of this update may release before 2-3 days of the 2.0.45 update. As soon as we get any information on this update, we will update you at once.

Update Notes of GeForce Now 2.0.44

In the latest update of GeForce Now, several new things are added along with other improvements. You can see new modes, which will work for both PC and Mac applications. The responsiveness of the search bar is smoother, which is now expected to deliver better results. In this update, Nvidia developers have tried fixing the experience. They also fixed some bugs. The “NVIDIA installer failed” issue has now been solved with this new version of GeForce Now. We expect to see more new features and a better experience with GeForce Now 2.0.45 update.