Gustang VS Traumerei Explained: Who Will Win In Tower of God

Tower Of God is an incredibly successful and popular manhwa by S.I.U. It started publishing in the Naver Webtoon from June 2010 and its English translated version started publishing from July 2014 on the Line Webtoon platform. It also received an anime adaptation consisting of 13 total episodes in 2020 as well.

The story of Tower Of God is about a mysterious Tower, which looks rather ordinary from the outside but it is anything but ordinary on the inside. It is a magical building in which every floor is like an entirely different country, with different sizes, different cultures and different people. The ruler of the Tower is King Zahard and he, along with the Ten Great Families, act as the governing body of the Tower.

The Ten Great Families are the strongest groups in the series and they have their separate head of the families as well. All of them are extremely strong, powerful and intelligent individuals, each in a league of their own. But the heads of the families have never openly fought with each other. This is exactly why the prospect of a fight between two of them is so exciting.

Who is Lo Po Bia Traumerei?

Lo Po Bia Traumerei, or just Traumerei, is shown to be one of the most powerful characters of the series till now. He is the head of the Lo Po Bia Family, a High Ranker and one of the Great Warriors of the story. He is a merciless, ruthless and cold individual who only cares about his orders and the result of his actions. Traumerei is not afraid to use people as pawns for his plans. Even among all family heads, he is the most loyal to King Zahard.

What are Traumerei’s Powers?

Fans have not yet seen Traumerei fighting anyone but quite a few characters in the series believe that no one surpasses Traumerei’s strength. For example, Evankhell stated that Traumerei is capable of very easily taking down all the forces of FUG fighting in the Battle of The Nest. Even the thought of him entering the battlefield was terrifying.¬†Similarly, Lo Po Bia Yasratcha believed that Traumerei will make Baylord Yama look like some pest. He is also the strongest Anima of the Tower, and capable of controlling all animals, humans and Shinheuh of the Tower.

Who is Po Bidau Gustang?

Po Bidau Gustang, or simply Gustang, is also of the Great Warriors, a High Ranker and the head of the Po Bidau Family. He was initially introduced as a scientist and his strength was not given much emphasis. But in reality, he is an extremely powerful and incredibly intelligent individual. In fact, his intelligence is said to be the most impressive in the Tower. He is also the strongest Wave Controller in the series and has the most information about the Tower.

What are Gustang’s Powers?

Gustang is an immensely powerful individual, his arrival itself terrifies people. Madoraco, Hoaqin and White were overwhelmed due to his presence alone. Gustang also has the power to manipulate people’s memories, extract souls and a complete mastery over Shinsu. All this, along with his superior intellect, make him an extremely dangerous adversary.

Traumerei or Gustang: Who Will Win?

Both of these characters are Great Warriors in the series and immensely powerful individuals. As both of them are two of the strongest characters in the series, it remains unclear which one of them is the stronger fighter.

Traumerei is someone so powerful that people shiver at the mere mention of his name. He is powerful enough to scare away extremely strong individuals of the series. But Gustang is no different in this aspect either. He is not only extremely powerful but also the smartest and most intelligent person in the Tower.

So, it is quite difficult to say who will win a fight. But Gustang’s intelligence and overall knowledge are definitely greater than that of Traumerei. This fight will most definitely be a very close match but Gustang’s knowledge will most probably give him an upper hand in the battle.